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LED Light for Steel Baton

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Screw-on LED Light attachment for Telescopic Steel Baton.

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Detailed Description

LED Screw-On Impact Self Defense Baton Flashlight Attachment

Make no mistake about it – a self defense baton flashlight, in properly trained hands, can be highly effective at dispatching criminals. This screw-on LED Light for Steel Baton weapons fits onto the bottom of any of the SafeFamilyLife Steel Batons. Not only will you be able to wield an extendable weapon that has superior reach and can deal out intense impact damage, but you can now also add a tactical light as a distractive tool in you melee arsenal.

If you are curious about self defense batons weapons like these, they are designed to be non-lethal yet intensely effective. It is about having the same or even better stopping power than a knife and/or a gun but all without being lethal. It is about pain compliance and intensity while avoiding any loss of life or permanent physical damage. This is the reason why a self defense baton can also serve as a law enforcement baton.

The use of a police baton can prevent the escalation of violence. If a police officer does not necessarily see the need to take out his or her gun, that is when the baton comes into play. Other than dishing out intense pain compliance methods, a hardy baton can also be used to parry or even riposte incoming melee attacks. Not only is it a great offensive weapon, it is also highly effective when used defensively. With the proper training, you could even learn to disarm criminals using a retractable baton.

If you are interested in a SafeFamilyLife steel baton for sale, you should also take a look at this LED Light for the Steel Baton. As it is designed to attach to an impact weapon, it comes not just with a high density aluminum body for absorbing damage but also an impact resistant lens for protecting the Ultra-bright LED. With fresh batteries, this flashlight attachment for the SafeFamilyLife Rubber Handle Steel Baton can give you up to 6,000 hours of illumination.

It can be attached to any telescopic baton, including the available baton models (16 inches, 21 inches, and 26 inches) from SafeFamilyLife. As you can surmise, this will make your baton extra useful, even outside of self-defense scenarios. Having a flashlight on the other end of your baton is another reason to take it with you 24/7. But an Ultra-bright LED light is not just convenient. As you have read above, it is an extra tool in your arsenal of close-combat tactics.

In a low-light area, a sudden flash of light pointed at the eyes is bound to blind and disorient a criminal. Even if it’s just for a second or two, you can use that seemingly short amount of time to escape or ensure that the criminal is incapacitated and unable to perform further violence.

You can even hold your closed baton like a flashlight when you are walking down dark dangerous streets, pretending to be unarmed. At the last moment, you can flash the light in a criminal’s eyes, flick your extendable baton open, and make your move.

The two CR-123A batteries needed by this light to function are included with the purchase.

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