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Kraft Mayonnaise Diversion Safe

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Kraft Mayonnaise Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

I Didn't Know the Kraft Mayonnaise Diversion Safe Existed

I didn't even know the Kraft Mayonnaise diversion safe existed. I'd always thought it odd that my wife kept a jar of mayonnaise in the top kitchen cabinet, never using it, instead buying other mayonnaise again and again. But I never said a word. She loves to do the grocery shopping and cooking, and I wasn't about to complain or critique.

I discovered the truth after we had a break-in. Our credit cards were all gone. I got the accounts closed before any harm was done, but I needed our emergency card to get through the week, and she was out of town. She just told me to try the mayonnaise jar.

At first, I didn't understand, but she had me go to the kitchen while on the phone and find the Kraft Mayonnaise. It turns out it wasn't actually mayonnaise but a diversion safe. She had cash and an emergency credit card stored in there.

The Kraft Mayonnaise stash safe has an interior with dimensions of 4 1/16 inches high x 2 ΒΌ inches in width. She's a genius. No robber would go through kitchen cabinets looking for a food jar that might have cash and a credit card in it, not with all the valuables they did take. I wish we could hide everything in mayonnaise.

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