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JB Oil Diversion Safe

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The JB Oil Diversion Safe the best place to hide anything is in plain sight.

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JB Oil Diversion Car Safe Storage for Cash, Valuables

Burglars understand that spending too much time in a house will increase their chances of getting caught. They won’t waste time looking underneath your kitchen sink, a perfect hiding spot. To perfectly hide your valuables in plain sight, it is recommended to use this car safe storage diversion safe.

Thieves normally spend roughly 8 minutes in a home, and most of that time is in the master’s bedroom, searching for cash or jewelry in closets or drawers. They would never find this JB Oil Diversion Safe tucked in your bathroom, kitchen, or garage.

One look at this JB Oil car safe vault is that it doesn’t look like your average metal safe with a combination lock. Because it looks like a regular can of car oil, no thief would bother looking at it. However, if you open it, you’ll discover it has a hollow space to hide all your valuables.

The interiors measure 2 x 5 1/4 inches, which makes it a perfect car key safe lock or a secret stash to hide your cash and necklaces. It is a little too small to work as a car safe for pistol or other firearms, but you might be able to hide your TASER or pepper spray inside, ensuring no thief will find and use your weapons.

Because it looks like an ordinary object, thieves wouldn’t care to investigate it. This allows your valuables to hide in plain sight. However, keep in mind that this particular can safe can be used outside our home and in your car as well.

There are cases of thieves breaking into a person’s car to steal their food, cash, gadgets, and other valuables kept in the vehicle. You can now hide them in this can diversion safe and toss it into your trunk. Now, your stuff will never be found and stolen even if thieves happen to break in the car.

Even if a thief were to hold this covert safe can and look at it up close, they’d never tell the difference. But its disguise goes beyond just mere looks. It has to feel right, too, and this can safe has added weight so that it feels like a full can instead of a hollow shell.

When used in the car, you have to hide it in a place where it belongs and looks natural. You might want to hide it in the glove compartment, in the trunk, or on the floor by the back seats. In your home, these home safes should be kept in kitchen or bathroom cupboards or in the garage besides real oil cans.

You can even use this in your office, at the beach, or any other location. This allows you to safely hide all your valuables. After all. who would investigate or steal a can of car oil?

A disguised safe such as this works even better than the heaviest metal safe in the world because you can now hide your valuables in a place that no thief would suspect is a hiding spot. They might see the can but they’ll ignore and keep looking until their time is up and they’ll leave.

Interior Safe Dimensions: 2 x 5 1/4