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Indian Fighting Skills DVD - Randall Brown

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Randall Brown - When Randall Brown discovered he had some serious Indian blood in him (he's Cherokee/Apache/Irish)... he began a journey that took him all over the U.S. and Canada, to reservations, small towns, and finally to the Great Plains, where the real action was.

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Detailed Description

Indian Fighting Skills - Randall Brown Plains Indian Army Fighting Video

This Plains Indian army fighting video is going to teach you real-life close-quarters combat tactics that you have probably never tried or heard of before. As you can surmise, the Indian Fighting Skills DVD by Randall Brown is a collection of self-defense techniques from the perspective of an Indian or Native American warrior from the Great Plains of the United States and Canada – a people who, historically, has had to endure constant invasion attempts by European settlers. While lacking in numbers and advanced weaponry, all they had to rely on were their superior fighting skills.

This is the foundation of these Plains Indian fighting videos. If you have a working DVD player, a space where you can move and practice, and one or more people who are curious about self defense moves videos like this, it can allow you to learn basic to advanced fighting methods – all without stepping into a gym or dojo (or in this case, on the Great Plains). That is the convenience of learning from an instructional fighting DVD.

As long as you have the space, you can even train with as many people as you want. You or any of the people that you train with do not even need to have previous martial arts or hand-to-hand fighting experience. If you are looking for simple and direct street fighting tips videos of this kind, they are designed to be easily understood, even by complete amateurs. Anything that these instructional fighting videos can teach you can even be used alongside any close to medium range self-defense weapons that you might already be carrying.

This is because the techniques compiled in this DVD are based on the brutal reality of Plains Indian warriors who faced soldiers with better weapons and superior numbers. These warriors are not street fighters – they are survivors. They specialized in instant hand-to-hand take out moves that you have probably never seen before. They had to – at the time these moves were being trained and practiced, it was for the purposes of fighting off settlers and the entire U.S. Army.

How was this video put together? The 2 hours and 15 minutes of specialized fighting instructions you will find on this DVD is the work of Randall Brown, a man of Irish descent who discovered that he also has both Apache and Cherokee blood in his veins. This is what inspired him to learn the fighting traditions of the warriors of the Great Plains.

Apart from single-move kill tactics and single strikes that are designed to cripple and maim, part of the tactics you will learn on this DVD are moves that will allow you to be frustratingly elusive. It is a combination of very aggressive and intelligent offense and defense. If it worked for outnumbered, outgunned Apache warriors in the desert, then it will certainly work against common criminals.

The indigenous Native American guerilla fighting methods that you will learn from this DVD are arguably overkill when used on the streets. However, when someone corners you to threaten your life and/or personal property, just like the Indians, you are free to fight back.

Run Time: 2 Hrs 15 Min

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