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HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security Vibration Sensor

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This HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security Vibration Sensor is a double sensor that detects vibration and when your door/window has been opened.



Detailed Description

Wireless Home Security System Burglar Alarm Vibration Sensor

If you were a burglar who could move in perfect silence without being seen, you could clean up entire neighborhoods with ease. At least, it used to be like that. Now, even actual ninjas have to worry about security tech like the burglar alarm vibration sensor. The HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security Vibration Sensor is a combination vibration and magnetic sensor that is designed for securing windows and doors. Even if stealthy burglars manage to get past your locks, they would pay for it by triggering this sensor and alarm.

It is not just the internal alarm on this device that burglars have to worry about either. This vibration alarm with sensor also has the ability to connect to the HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System, a special omnibus security system that can interface with different wireless sensors, alarms, and all analog phone lines. It needs a phone line because the system can actually call you when one of its connected motion, vibration, or magnetic alarms are triggered.

In fact, up to 5 phone numbers can be programmed into the system. Upon answering the call, you will hear instructions for your 3 options: listening in on the room where the base unit is, broadcasting your voice using the base unit, or simply disarming the alarm system. If the call is not answered, or if you did not disarm the system, the system proceeds to dial the next numbers on the list of 5.

It’s a security system that allows you to use your own and other people’s phones as security alarms, and the Wireless Home Security Vibration Sensor is a great way to use or enhance this system. Thanks to having no need for wires, this outdoor vibration sensor alarm can be placed practically anywhere on your property where you don’t want people to breach through any doors, windows, or whatever barriers that you’ve put up. As long as it’s within 300 feet of the base unit (its radio frequency range), it won’t encounter any signal problems.

This vibration sensor for alarm is also a magnetic sensor. That means that even if burglars who notice the alarm adjust their movements in order to avoid it, they will inevitably trigger the alarm if they move the door or window open. Door and window alarm like this are the bane of stealthy home invaders.

If your home or family might be getting targeted for robbery, rape, or murder, then you’re going to need every bit of protection that you can equip your home with. One highly effective layer of security and protection can be put up via home alarms. With home alarms, you can detect trespassers early on; you won’t just be a sitting duck while thieves and potential murderers are already on your property.

Early detection of home invaders can allow you to stop criminal situations from escalating. If you can detect trespassing and/or breaking and entering, then you’ll have better chances of stopping larceny, or worse – full-on home invasion.

This HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security Vibration Sensor is 3 ½” long, 2 ¼” wide and an inch thick. It needs a 9-volt battery to work (not included).

Dimensions 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1"

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