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Voice Alert

Voice Alert Early Warning System for Full Security

The prevention of a breach or an attack is the end goal of anti-intruder security systems, whether residential or corporate. A location must be made safe and fully impenetrable from any outside forces. In order to accomplish this, a complete security system needs to be able to see, hear, and feel the locations it is covering. Seeing and hearing are not enough. In addition to video and audio surveillance, there is a way to feel out your intruder and be instantly warned: the Voice Alert early warning System 6.

As your first and last line of defense, your security system must be prepared for detecting and exposing every single way that an intruder might trespass through protected locations. It needs every fail-safe system that you can reasonably put into place. The better the quality of the fail-safe, the less you'll have to worry about. It is like putting safety nets on safety nets, layers and layers of security functions that can cover each other's blind spots, ultimately resulting in a fully secure system with little to no room for being breached.

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What a CCTV system can't hear or see can be felt by a Voice Alert System 6 sensor and transmitter. You can put this sensor in areas that intruders need to go through to enter the secured location. These include hallways, patios, backdoors, the edges of large outdoor areas, driveways, balconies, or even gaps in your fences that might attract intruders. When a Voice Alert transmitter senses movement, it sends a signal to your Voice Alert System receiver/speaker base unit, prompting it to play the audio that you have programmed for the particular transmitter.

You can personally record the audio that plays when a transmitter senses movement, allowing you to match the played audio to the location of the disturbance, such as “Someone's at the front door,” “Someone's at the backyard,” or simply, “Movement in garage.”

The Voice Alert With 1 Transmitter, when used properly, can fully function as a Voice Alert Home Protection System. At the very least, it can cover the holes in your existing security system. It all depends on your strategic placement of the transmitter-sensor unit. Covering even a single area with a well hidden sensor can prove to be very effective in the early detection of unwanted intruders.

Each transmitter of the Voice Alert wireless monitoring system can also be programmed to activate a particular electrical appliance when movement is sensed. This means lights, alarms, sprinklers, locks, or almost any electrical device in your house can be programmed to turn on in response to movement in specific locations. Outside of security, the use of movement sensors to turn on certain devices can have many applications in business and events.

If you are worried that the Voice Alert transmitter sensors will get wet in certain locations, there is an available water enclosure that it is fully compatible with. It also comes in a version that has a vibration switch, which sends a signal to the receiver/speaker base unit when the transmitter-sensor is moved or tampered with.