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Hike ‘n Strike 950,000 Volts Stun Walking Cane

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The ZAP™ Hike 'n Strike™ is a multi-talented hiking staff that features a 950,000-volt stun device with spiked electrodes so you'll never forget to bring safety accessories on your adventure. And if you start losing sun, don't fret-- there's also a flashlight built right in.

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Detailed Description

Hike n’ Strike 950,000 Volts Stun Gun Walking Cane

If you are looking for a product that will offer you protection, then look no further than a cane with stun gun. One of the best canes to get is the Hike n' Strike 950,000 Volts Stun Gun Walking Cane. If you want to learn about the features that the cane has, then continue to read on.

1. What the Walking Cane Gives You

The Hike n' Strike is a cane with stun gun, and it has other noteworthy features, too. For example, it features a flashlight, which can come in handy. If you're walking alone at night and in the woods or anywhere else, and you have a hard time seeing, then you can use the flashlight on the cane. The flashlight is LED, which means it will provide you with plenty of light.

Another good feature is the non-slip rubber grip. When you hold this walking cane, you will be impressed because you should have no problem maintaining a tight grip around it. You can spend hours hiking with no issues, which means you won't have to worry about it slipping out of your hands or anything like that.

Let's not forget that the cane has the ZAP exclusive Extreme spiked electrodes. You can use these spiked electrodes towards any attacker.

The Hike n’ Strike Walking Cane is very powerful, as it can deliver 950,000 volts and 4.6 milliamps, which make it powerful enough to knock down just about anyone. When you are out on a hike or walking outside your home, you won't have to be scared because the cane will offer you plenty of protection. With 950,000 volts and 4.6 milliamps, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared in the event that you are faced with danger.

The stun gun is located right at the end of the cane, which is 56" long. It is expandable and very easy to use, even if you are at a greater distance from your assailant. If you're faced with danger while out camping or hiking, then simply strike them with the stun gun at the end of the stick, and they will be left stunned. The walking stick comes with a wrist strap as well as a reflective band that you can easily remove.

Those are this stun cane’s main features. We should also mention that it is affordable. If you are looking for a durable and reliable form of protection but don't want a lethal weapon, then consider getting this cane with stun gun.

2. Why Buy the Cane Stun Gun

There are many reasons why you should purchase this particular cane, with the first one being that is a great form of protection. If you do a lot of camping, and you like to camp in areas you have never been to before, then having the Hike n’ Strike can come in handy. You never know what can happen when you're out camping, regardless if it is in a tent or an RV. If someone breaks into your tent or RV, then you will be prepared when you have this cane.

Hikers should consider buying this cane and stun gun. Hiking is fun and adventurous, but sometimes things can happen and you want to be prepared to defend yourself. Plus, hikers should use a walking cane because it can help them get across rough terrain much more easily.

Even if you don't do hiking or camping, you should still buy it, especially if you enjoy going for walks around an urban area. If you live in a major city or even a small one, then you will want to have this cane on hand. Anything can happen when you're out walking alone, but if you have this cane on you, then people will think twice about doing something to you. Plus, the chances are people won't be able to tell that there is a stun gun attached to the end of the cane, so you don't have to worry about it sticking out like a sore thumb. Everyone needs protection, especially in today's world. This is why you should get a cane that has a stun gun and flashlight. Don't just get any old one, as the Hike n' Strike Stun Gun Walking Cane is the best one to get.


  • Expandable hiking staff - a must-have for wilderness lovers everywhere
  • Great for camping, hiking, or everyday walking
  • 950,000 stun device incorporated into the handle for built-in security or 4.6 milliamps
  • Features ZAP™ patented EXTREME Spike Electrodes for added safety
  • Includes flashlight with removable cap for covering stun device when not in use
  • Rubber non-slip handle for secure grip
  • Removable reflective band for greater visibility
  • Weight: 18 oz. with batteries
  • Includes: Three (3) lithium CR123A batteries
  • Includes: Wrist strap
  • Includes: Extra end cap
  • Includes: Removable reflective band
  • ZAP™ exclusive EXTREME Spike Electrodes Patent # USD 680, 188S
  • 2-year warranty

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