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High Resolution Color CMOS Camera with Audio

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High Resolution Color CMOS Camera with Audio is a very small audio/video camera.

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Detailed Description

High Resolution CMOS Digital Compact Cameras with Audio

There are a host of high-resolution and high-definition cameras on this Website, and they are all great for your money. These high-resolution CMOS digital compact cameras with audio are really excellent, practically matching CCD cameras that are the same in class and at half their size, too.

The high resolution color CMOS camera with audio is the best CMOS camera with CCD quality. That is why it has real value for your buck. With this pocket-sized camera, you will have a first-rate spy board camera to take care of security in the house, workplace, vehicle, or elsewhere.

A board camera is really a fixed lens that is mounted onto a circuit board. It is a low-price solution to a lot of security and surveillance must-haves, including making and having a covert camera in a good room or area.

Board cameras used as covert spy cameras include this one. Inside every one of these covert and compact cameras is either a fully opened lens or a pinhole lens. The opening of a pinhole lens is ever tiny.

Pinhole lens cameras, also known as spy cameras, are utilized to make hidden cameras. On this site, all of our hidden cameras are, in fact, pinhole lens board cameras.

The lenses of board cameras are pre-mounted, and each has a fixed iris. They have, in several instances, a short focal length (which is the distance between the surface of the lens and its focal point). That short focus gives rise to a wide angle of view.

Board cameras are used repeatedly inside hidden cameras, dome cameras, and mini cameras. As well, they are often sold unpackaged so that the user can mount them himself/herself.

On this site, our board cameras all have a lens that is between 3.6 and 3.7 mm. Those lenses result in their short focal length, as mentioned above, which is how they can peruse in entire room or area.

One of the board cameras on our site is this compact color CMOS 1/3” security camera that has a resolution of 400 lines. It is a very small pinhole lens camera that is only half of the size of CCD cameras which do what it also does. It is a very small CMOS security camera with short focus.

As a matter of fact, its CMOS technology virtually equals CCD technology at half the size and even the price. That is, this tiny CMOS pinhole camera with sound is a load cheaper than the cost of a CCD camera with the same specs.

As board cameras go, this here is one of the best. It is a high-res digital pinhole lens surveillance camera that has both video and audio. Not many CCTV cameras have sound. We do also have video cameras without audio, like if audio with video is not allowed here you are.

It is plug and play. The enclosure is ABS.

This camera has an image sensor of 1/3” CMOS, with a picture resolution of 400 lines. Its minimum illumination is 1 lux (colored), with a 6 mm. lens (colored).

The current consumption is 26 mA max, and the power supply is 9 volt. Its dimensions are ¾” x ¾”.

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