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High Definition Surveillance Systems

IntelliSpy High Definition Surveillance Systems Available at

There was a time when the grainy images that we would collect from video surveillance were considered the cutting-edge of security measures, but all of that changed with the advent of HD CCTV surveillance. High-definition video surveillance through High Definition Surveillance Systems like we have here are taking security to another level by providing the most convenient way of keeping an eye on things, even from the other side of the globe.

If you are considering increasing security on your private property, keeping an eye on productivity at the workplace, or even making sure that your home is not the subject of ‘paranormal activity’, following are some of the most advanced and highly convenient High Definition Surveillance Systems available from IntelliSpy at

1. High Definition 4 Channel Surveillance System with 1TB Hard Drive — $972.64

It is the perfect solution for small operations and storefront surveillance. This package features a 4-channel surveillance system, with 4 top-quality HD dome cameras that can be mounted on walls or ceilings as needed. The 4-channel DVR unit is equipped with a full terabyte of memory and the capacity to record a full 5 and a half days — 132 hours— of HD footage from its video feed. The package includes all of the cables and power conductors, and it can be installed by an amateur DIY enthusiast.

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2. High Definition 4 Channel Surveillance System with 2TB Hard Drive — $999.84

Another terrific solution for properties that are not especially extensive is the next package on the rack. This security system comes complete with 4 channels of feed from 4 HD dome cameras. As with the all models, these have been designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions the outside may have.

This 4 Channel DVR unit features a formidable 2 terabyte hard drive that can comfortably accommodate over 11 days of crystal-clear HD definition footage —264 hours. The 100 foot cables that come with each of these sets are easy to install.

3. High Definition 8 Channel Surveillance System with 2TB Hard Drive —$1,749.28

The next setup from IntelliSpy includes 8 HD dome cameras, 8 channels, and the 8-channel DVR unit equipped with a 2 TB hard drive. This will allow for 5 days of HD recording, although this time, and all recording times, can be greatly increased by using the standard motion detector function, so a camera will only record actual activity and not still-life footage.

As with all the High Definition Surveillance Systems available on this site, this security system comes with all 100 feet HD cables and the power adaptors for the HD dome cameras.

4. High Definition 8 Channel Surveillance System with 4TB Hard Drive —$1,898.08

This 8-channel package is also available with an increased memory storage unit capable of storing 10 full days of nonstop high-definition storage on its massive 4 TB of memory, which of course can be extended with the motion activation option.

This option also includes 8 top-quality dome cameras and the plug and play simplicity of installation, so the job will always be done exactly how you want it. This and all of the other High Definition Surveillance Systems here come with a remote control for easy on-screen interface with the DVR unit.

5. High Definition 16 Channel Surveillance System with 2TB Hard Drive —$3,241.76

To make sure all the passages are covered, there is power in numbers. These 16 HD dome cameras, 16 channels, and the 16-channel DVR unit are the best options for overseeing a larger operation or a more extensive property area.

The 16-channel DVR will hold only about 2 and a half days of HD footage on its 2 TB hard drive, but this can also be economized by applying the motion detector function. All DVR units available from IntelliSpy can be accessed over the Internet so that surveillance footage can be reviewed from remote locations on a PC, laptop, or other mobile device.

6. High Definition 16 Channel Surveillance System with 4TB Hard Drive —$3,391.36

16 channels of HD 1080p surveillance footage from 16 HD cameras can also be collected onto a much more powerful memory storage system that will allow for greater time-frames to be recorded. The 16-channel DVR features a 4 TB hard drive with a capacity of 120 hours or 5 days of nonstop footage in crisp high-definition.