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Hidden Lighter Camera with Built In DVR

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The Hidden Lighter Camera with Built In DVR is perfect for any concealed video footage you may need to capture.

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Detailed Description

Cigarette Lighter Hidden Camera Video Recorder & Still Camera

Video cameras used to be so large you could not just bring them along with you. Nowadays, many of them are very small and very portable. Some are tiny enough to be hidden in everyday objects. That is why gathering video evidence has never been easier. If the camera also takes still pictures, like this cigarette lighter hidden camera video recorder does, then it is even more useful.

Surveillance cameras help guard offices and residences against break-ins but are also great for monitoring staff and family members. There are models that allow remote monitoring from anywhere you are.

Hidden cameras are installed inside everyday objects of various kinds and sizes so no one will know they are being videoed. Some have a built-in DVR. These DVR cameras are plug and play devices, require no installation, and can record right out of the box. For playback, they have SD cards you slot into your computer’s SD card reader. They also have RCA cables for this. Plug one end of the cable into the cam and the other into a TV or monitor. Some have USB plugs that go into your computer’s USB port. The Hidden Lighter Camera with Built-in DVR is one of those small hidden cameras you carry on you.

Body-worn cameras like this lighter spy hidden mini video camera camcorder are just what you need for covert recording. Its tiny size makes it perfect for carrying around. It uses the AVI video format and records at a 640x480 resolution. It takes stills at an even higher 1280x960 resolution.

Playback is very easy. Just pull the cap off and plug this mini hidden camera lighter into your computer’s USB port like you would a flash drive, or use the supplied USB cable. This also makes saving recordings on your DVR just as easy.

The lighter digital DVR hidden camera camcorder has 16GB of memory, letting you store nearly six hours of video. Its rechargeable battery charges in two hours and lasts about two hours on a single charge.

This Lighter Hidden Video Camera & Still Camera works with both the Windows and Mac OS. It comes with a user manual. It is a handy 2 ¾ x 1 x ¾ inch.

The nanny cam’s clever lighter disguise is great for recording evidence of a coworker goofing off, for example, or swiping product off the shelves of the store where you both works. Or you could record an abusive traffic cop’s behavior. Maybe your boss can’t keep their hands off your pretty officemate and you want to nail them with undeniable proof of their inappropriate actions.

Spy cameras are not just for recording wrongdoing. You could record your friends’ wild behavior at parties so you can have fun showing them proof of what they did. Or you might be walking on the street and you catch sight of some interesting activity you would want to record discreetly. You can even use this handy covert camera to record important business meetings or conversations with customers. The possibilities are practically unlimited.

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