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Clock Hidden Cameras with DVRs

The Best Hidden Clock Cameras for Secret Surveillance

Movie villains live large and look the part, but real-life wrongdoers are the opposite. Most thieves and frauds are ordinary people with functional lives, and the video cameras to catch them in the act of wrongdoing look just as ordinary. The best hidden clock cameras seem so mundane, for example, that no one ever gives them a second look, let alone suspect these devices of capturing every action on implicating video.

Concealed or not, surveillance cameras are effective monitoring devices. They are used to watch out for shoplifters at retail stores or keep tabs on a household or a business operation. However, covert cameras can do better than overt CCTV at blowing the whistle on devious or treacherous people. Do you trust the babysitter or cleaner with whom you leave your child or home regularly, for example? A Wall Clock or Clock Radio Hidden Camera with DVR might change your mind.

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Clocks are some of the most popular spy camera disguises for a good reason. They are so common that they are hardly noticeable. It is unsurprising to find a clock in practically any room, even the bathroom, the hallway, or the copy room. You can bring a Mini Digital Color Alarm Clock DVR to a hotel room, dorm room, sleepover, or road trip without looking suspicious. In case a theft or brawl occurs, the alarm clock hidden camera video can be used in a police investigation.

The hidden clock camera DVR recorder may be built in or a standalone recorder hooked up to the device. Either way, a DVR gives a video camera the ability to save what the lens sees to a video file and to store video files in a memory card, a hard drive, or any other compatible storage device. A portable clock spy camera will usually have a built-in recorder that will work out of the box.

Hidden cameras that have a built-in DVR are point-and-shoot devices that need not be installed. All it takes is to position a nanny cam strategically and then hit ‘record’ on the remote control. A LED Table Multifunction Alarm Clock DVR could go to the night table to catch a possibly cheating spouse. A Mantle Clock Color Camera with Built-in DVR above the fireplace in the living room can expose an unkind nanny.

If you make your wall clock hidden camera motion activated in the office or stockroom, then you save on memory outside work hours. The built-in motion sensor will prevent the camera from recording unless it picks up movement. If it features detection area masking, then it can discern movement even more selectively. With this feature, the camera view is masked partially so that expected action, like a pet walking or a fax machine printing out, does not trigger the recording.

Playback is really easy with a DVR. You can slot the SD card into the correct reader on a computer or the USB plug into the correct port, or connect the camera and a TV or other monitor using the provided RCA cable.