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Heart Attack Key Chain

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The Heart Attack is small (3.5 x 2) and made of tough plastic. Hold it between your fingers and punch! Attackers beware!

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Detailed Description

Heart Attack Keychain Knife Like Keys for Self-Defense

If you are ever attacked while walking on the street, you will want to have a self defense weapon. But there are all sorts of different weapons for self defense out there, long ones, short ones, heavy ones, and light ones. Which do you choose? For defense on the street, you will need a weapon that you can conceal on yourself but is instantly accessible, a keychain-style pointed handheld weapon. You will need a Heart Attack keychain knife.

The different styles of handheld weapons for self defense that are available for sale to the public, include pointed kubotans. Pointed kubotans are rod-shaped like pens or pencils but are made usually made of tough aluminum alloy and are very effective when used in combination with varied styles of hand-to-hand combat or martial arts. They are often sold as kubotan self-defense keychain weapons.

One of the oldest kinds of defense weapons is a set of keys. It is quite effectively against an attacking criminal. Hold a key between your fingers and punch your assailant, and he will likely scream from the pain before dropping. Or throw the keys against his face. Read a self defense keychain review online. Key chain weapons are a bit crude, though. Our Heart Attack Key Chain is much more effective. It is a descendant of the push dagger. The push dagger or push knife, gimlet knife, or more descriptively, fist knife or punch dagger, is a T-shaped weapon consisting of a handle meant for being gripped by a fist and a blade protruding out the front. It is meant to make a punch a lot more painful and deadlier, too.

Our Heart Attack weapon is pretty small for easy concealment, which is always a good idea. It is just 3.5” x 2”. But its size can be misleading. Just like its descendant the punch dagger, it is meant to be gripped in a fist, with the heart-shaped blade protruding between the fingers, and used to make a punch a lot worse than it would be without this Heart Attack Self-Defense Key Chain.

You might have heard of self defense experts recommending that you place a key or keys between your fingers before punching an attacker. Painful as that really is to the target, our Heart Attack has even more stopping power. And since you can carry it on your keychain along with your keys, it is right there where you can grab it anytime you are threatened by some thug on the street.

You can get this self defense keychain wholesale from us. It is the smart thing to do to save money.

Although the Heart Attack weapon can be used even without any training, it can be used in conjunction with different hand-to-hand techniques. This will fall under armed (as opposed to unarmed) hand-to-hand combat.

Since the Heart Attack is meant be used in punching, boxing techniques are appropriate for this weapon. The Heart Attack can also be used with martial arts techniques. There are various resources like videos or other materials you can access online to study how you can fight using this highly concealable weapon.

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