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Glass Breakage Alarm

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The 100db Glass Breakage Alarm is an effective low cost vibration alarm that can be used for securing windows or doors.

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Detailed Description

Home Alarm Glass Breakage Sensor for Windows, Doors

Security and safety in the home is one of the most important concerns of almost anybody in the world. On our Website, we have a ton of home alarms and other home products for people’s defense. Among those is this home alarm glass breakage sensor devise for protection in the windows and the doors.

The 100dB Glass Breakage Alarm is an effective, practical, and low-cost vibration alarm for securing the windows or doors of any house, including condominiums, apartments, and even home offices. Because it is a low-cost glass breakage, you can get one for your front door or your biggest window that may be breaking down. As well, you can get several to defend all the windows and doors in your house.

As a glass breakage security alarm, it will protect the glass in your windows and doors from being broken, knocked, or hit. Robbers and attackers are mostly by persons who will do those things to windows or doors in order to force an entry into a house.

That is why the variety of home alarms in the market include glass breakage sensor alarm like this one. It is a 100dB glass breakage, which means that it can produce 100 decibels of sound. A jackhammer at 50 feet can make a slightly lower sound at 95dB on the average.

A motorcycle can average noise also at 100dB. This means that our glass breakage is as noisy as a motorbike on the streets.

Furthermore, this 100dB glass breakage sensor alarm can also be a personal property alarm. As such a property alarm, it can be utilized to protect computers, TVs, and stereos as well as cabinets.

Desktop and laptop computers are mostly made of glass, as are TVs, stereos, plus electric and gas rangers. All of those personal appliances can be safe with this Glass Breakage Alarm.

TV and stereo cabinets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, display cabinets, bedroom closets, and filing cabinets are made with a lot of glass as well. All of those cabinets can also be secure with our defense alarm.

Many home appliances and furniture are created with a load of glass. Besides, there are also houses and offices that are created from a load of glass. The owners can protect these houses, offices, appliances, and furniture by having a glass breakage house and office alarm just like this one.

When the glass is hit, knocked, or broken by anyone, the siren of this alarm device will sound off. It will make 100dB of noise for approximately 30 seconds. And then it will shut off and reset, and if will want, go at it once more.

Only one 12 volt battery is needed for this 100 dB Glass Breakage Alarm to work. You also get a strong adhesive tape with which to fasten the safety alarm to any glass surface that you want. As such, burglars and other assailants cannot break and enter to get out with your belongings.

You just have to turn the switch on the side of the glass breakage home alarm to the ON position in order for the devise to be working.

The dimensions of this Glass Breakage Alarm are 2 x 2 ½ x 1.

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