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Gallon Paint Can Diversion

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A Gallon Paint Can Diversion the best place to hide anything is in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Paint Can Gallon Sized Monster Can Hidden Safe

You can trick thieves by using disguises to hide the most valuable items in your house. One of the best and perhaps most convenient ways to do this is through a monster can hidden safe. The Gallon Paint Can Diversion Safe offers not just a way to hide jewelry, cash, or bullets in plain sight, but also ample space for storing medium-sized valuables or plenty of small objects.

Wherever you may live, whether it is in a large luxurious house, a simple and unassuming small one, a dormitory room, or a boarding house, thieves are a constant threat to your security. As long as you have goods to steal, there will be thieves who will try to sniff them out. That is because the wisest thieves do not work alone. They have intelligence networks that allow them to gather information on the locations of things worth stealing.

Even if the thieves do not exactly know what they are looking for, they know how to look for signs that can tell them whether or not valuables are hidden somewhere in your home. A big part of how they do this is by using insiders who can scope out homes for them. These ‘spies’ can be anyone, your gardener, a day laborer, or even a trusted nurse or personal assistant. However, it is not advisable to confront any of these people for spying unless you have solid evidence against them (which might be near impossible). There is a simpler way to derail the plans of home invaders and thieves: diversion safes.

Diversion safes are containers for valuables that do not at all look like safes. Instead, they look more like objects in the home or the office that a hurrying thief simply won’t have time for. This allows diversion home safes to hide in plain sight while securing your valued items. With this particular can safe diversion tactics come in the form of its disguise as a big can of paint.

Not only does it look perfectly like a normal gallon of paint, it is even designed to weigh like the real thing. Even if a highly intuitive thief manages to notice it and lift it to test it, the disguise won’t be broken – a situations that is not even going to happen if you store this particular safe in the appropriate location. Put it in your garage or workroom alongside other cans of paint. Even you might get confused as to which can holds your valuables. Imagine how clueless a thief or a spy-for-a-thief would be regarding your valuables’ location.

If you are interested in acquiring a can safe, how to make one is a process that can be tricky and time-consuming. Why not just get a professionally made hidden can safe here?

It is no longer enough to rely on conventional high-security safes with complicated locks because that is exactly what thieves are looking for. Go in the other direction and use can safes to confuse any would-be thieves in your home.

Remove the bottom of this safe to reveal its 3 7/8” wide and 6” long interior compartment.

Interior dimensions of safe 3 7/8" x 6"

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