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Flint Striker

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The flint striker can be used to start a fire in an emergency situation.

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Detailed Description

Flint Striker Fire Starter with Built-In Survival Kit

Disaster strikes us from time to time. That is why, if you have not assembled a survival kit yet, do it right now. And, one of the first pieces of gear that you should get for your your kit is a flint striker fire starter. Because without fire, you can’t survive, especially when the power is out and the temperature is low, and maybe you are out in the open, too.

A survival kit is just what you need to live through natural disasters and other emergencies. It is a package of various pieces of survival gear like tools, food, and medical supplies, that you will need to stay alive during these situations. These kits are in aircraft and lifeboats. The kits have basic supplies that you will need to shelter you against the elements, stay warm, and keep yourself fed and hydrated.

There are lifeboat survival kits to help shipwreck survivors stay alive out there at sea. There are military survival kits that help soldiers keep themselves alive. Vehicle kits are often stored by survivalists in bug-out vehicles, allowing them to go anywhere and be able to survive. Typical survival gear items include blankets, sleeping bags, and a compass. And a Flint Striker will really come in handy, too. We have flint strikers for sale.

Our Flint Striker is a very important piece of survival gear because it allows you to make a fire, which is very important in any survival situation. In fact, that often means the very difference between life and death. And it is no ordinary fire-starting tool, either, which you will find in typical survival kits. Our Flint Starter has a neat spare compartment for storing dry tinder to make fire-starting even easier. And you can do as many as 8,000 strikes with it.

The flint striker function is not the only function of the Flint Striker. It even has a built-in compass to help you find your way if you get lost and help you navigate your way to where help is. And the Flint Striker will help you signal rescuers, too, with the reminders on how to make the SOS signal with morse code printed on each side of it. Then there is also an emergency whistle that you can call rescuers with.

The Flint Striker has an adjustable nylon cord that you can use to wear the tool around your neck just like a necklace.

Fire-starting with the Flint Striker is not just another way to make fire besides matches. It is often even better than matches.

Your Flint Striker is a very effective tool for starting fires with, but making flint strikers work well does take some practice. Percussion fire-starting is really like that. Get valuable practice and you will be well-prepared to start campfires when needed.

The uses of fire for survival are practically unlimited. You will need to stay warm, especially if you are out there in the cold. And, of course, you will need to cook food, which sometimes can be small or even big game. And you can use your Flint Striker for lighting torches, too.

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