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Fighting Mindset DVD - Ben Cooley

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Ben Cooley - A professional SWAT Team Trainer and a key member of an elite Federal Tactics Team that protects sensitive government installations.

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Detailed Description

Fighting Mindset DVD - Ben Cooley

If you are thinking that DVDs devoted to fighting instruction are designed exclusively for martial arts enthusiasts and ultimate fighting wannabes, then you need to think again. It is true that folks like that get a lot out of these sorts of videos, but they are just a small part of the wider audience. Anybody who runs the risk of facing a mugging, an assault, harassment, or the threat of violence - and that is pretty much everybody - can benefit from the Fighting Mindset DVD by Ben Cooley and these kinds of self-defense videos.

The point of a good instructional video on self-defense is to educate anyone who takes the time to buy and watch it. These fighting defense DVDs are designed for working moms, teens, and white-collar workers as well as martial artists. Videos are certainly a cheaper way to educate yourself on this subject matter than enrolling in a self-defense class - an option that requires a lot more time as well as a lot more money. It is also easier to try out different DVDs than it is to take different classes.

Ben Cooley’s Federal Police Work and Self-Defense Background

Ben Cooley, the mind behind the Fighting Mindset DVD, is a great self-defense teacher for ordinary people. His background involves a lot of police work at the federal level. This sets him apart from teachers with a military or martial arts background; his experience slanted heavily towards real-world "on the ground" fighting.

All of this talk about accessibility is not to say that Cooley's instruction will not be of interest to serious martial arts students. He has also produced an incredible amount of support material that would take literal years to work through in-depth and develop true proficiency in. Not everybody has years to spare, though. Fortunately, that is not necessarily a requirement when you have a good teacher using a solid method of instruction. Just a few hours of alert viewing can equip you with vitally important survival skills.

The Fighting Mindset DVD Video for Ordinary People

The name "Fighting Mindset" was chosen for this particular DVD because the objective of the presentation is to teach you how to get into that particular mental state. Why is this such an important tool for confrontations out there? It is because being mentally ready goes a long way towards negating some of the most common advantages used against you in those confrontations.

Do you ever think every violent criminal in the world studies martial arts? No. Thugs and bullies may be strong, but they are rarely trained. What they use is a talent for intimidation, a good sense of timing, and tactics intended to shock and frighten you. They want to take advantage of you in every way that they can because they do not want you to guard yourself against danger.

The Element of Surprise When You Are Attacked

It might seem contradictory to attempt to train yourself for a surprise attack, but it can - and should - be done. It takes a lot of fortitude to prepare for dealing with this kind of threat. When you are worried about your safety, you are staying as alert as you possibly can be.

You have pepper spray in one hand and your cell phone in the other. That is great. That is also not when a smart criminal will attack. There will be some other time when you are busy talking on that cell phone, or arguing with a friend, or stumbling home after a long night of partying - and that is exactly when you will get attacked.

The element of surprise is an enormous advantage, and in real-world combat situations, most attackers are hoping that it will be enough to carry the entire conflict in their favor. They are often right; sometimes, weapons and violence do not even enter into the picture. By watching the Fighting Mindset DVD of Ben Cooley, you will learn how you can minimize the role surprise plays in an assault, turning the tables on your assailant and minimizing his advantage.

Training DVDs and Videos for Learning Self-Defense

Training videos that are primarily aimed at the martial arts market tend to deliver much more different instruction than those that are specifically designed to teach self-defense. The latter sort of videos get straight to the point and teach you specific strategies for specific situations. When it comes to surprise attacks, the Fighting Mindset video of Ben Cooley concentrates on drilling you in the two most important facts: You have to respond to a surprise attack in a way that is both fast and efficient, and you have to gain control of the fight's momentum as quickly as possible. This steals the initiative away from your assailant and lets you start to dictate how things are going to turn out.

The most dangerous form of surprise attack you can worry about is the home invasion. This is a very horrible type of crime because violence is virtually guaranteed in the perpetrator's plans. (Think about the fact that many home invasions are committed not against individual "targets of opportunity" but against entire families.)

By watching the Fighting Mindset DVD of Ben Cooley, you will learn the safest and most effective ways to keep your loved ones safe in a home invasion. These techniques are suitable for anyone who worries about finding themselves in such situations, including mothers whose primary interest is in protecting their children.

The Fighting Mindset DVD of SWAT Trainer Ben Cooley

Overall, the Fighting Mindset DVD takes just four and a half hours. It will give you the full benefit of Ben Cooley's professional expertise as a SWAT team trainer. He shows you a range of skills for dealing with threats like surprise attacks that he cultivated over the course of a long and busy career in federal law enforcement.

Cooley sharpened his skills in both armed and unarmed combat in 14 years of police experience. He has won nine separate state and regional gun competitions and is a Championship Team Leader twice over for the United States Practical Shooting Association.

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