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Fight To Win DVD - Jim West

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Jim West - Is simply one of the most feared men on earth.

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Detailed Description

Fight to Win - Jim West Ultimate Street Fighting Videos

When you’re assaulted in the street by a mugger or rapist, there won’t be any rules. They will do anything possible to harm you. To defend yourself, you don’t need to be a master martial artist – you just need the best basic skills and you can learn these through these ultimate street fighting videos.

One thing that the Fight to Win DVD by Jim West focuses on is real-life self-defense. You won’t learn anything that cannot be used in a real fight against someone trying to kill you. There are no techniques here focusing solely on showmanship. All of these techniques are designed to help you survive.

But who is Jim West? He is actually one of the most feared fighters in the world, earning half a dozen medals for his contributions during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq and 15 years with the Green Beret. He has trained the Special Forces and Justice Department agents. He has been in over 600 fights and has won every one of them.

One thing you’ll immediately pick up on from his street fighting self defense videos is that these are brutal techniques. His videos shows you techniques that will take down an attacker with no rules and no limitations. His tutorials cover everything from grapples, punches, kicks, ground fighting, and more.

Whether you’re surrounded, fighting in a tight spot or just facing someone with a knife, these techniques will prove useful. These are techniques designed for a real fight without rules. In a real fight, there are no rules and the only thing that matters is survival.

There are several benefits in learning self-defense through West’s self defense instructional videos in comparison to going to a gym or dojo. The most obvious is that you can learn at home, at your own pace, and in your own time, which is perfect for people with busy schedules.

It is also ideal for people who don’t really want to be a professional martial artist. People who don’t want to commit ten years of their life to martial arts but still want to have the basic skills to defend themselves efficiently will gain the most in these videos.

All of the techniques shown in West’s street fighting training videos are very efficient, powerful, and brutal, but they are taught in a way that allows you to learn even without a sparring partner and with little practice needed. Even after just a few sessions practicing and watching, you’ll have a good hold of these self-defense techniques.

Being able to defend yourself with your bare hands might sound dangerous, but it is a skillset you will need to survive. After all, an attacker might be able to take your weapon from you or you might be attacked on the one day you didn’t bring your pepper spray with you.

With these training videos, you’ll be able to be ready no matter what kind of situation arises. Because West focuses on practical, brutal, and efficient fighting techniques, you won’t end up doing things that aren’t useful in a real fight. Every move is efficient in taking down an attacker as quickly as can be.

Run Time: 4 Hrs 4 Min.

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