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Fast and Furious Street Smarts DVD - Jacov Bressler

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Jacov Bressler - Jacov began his training at age 16 with an Argentinian master instructor who is a direct disciple of legendary Okinawan Karate master Gogen Yamaguchi's Son.

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Detailed Description

Fast and Furious Street Smarts DVD - Jacov Bressler

It's unfortunate, but danger might be lurking around any corner you come across these days. Even if you're going about your daily routine, someone unexpected might be lurking nearby, hoping to mug you or even worse. No matter where you live or what your typical day is like, it's a good idea to have some degree of self -defense training to fall back on in case you find yourself in any sort of dangerous confrontation. Not everyone has the time or budget for a full-fledged series of self-defense training courses, however. That's precisely where videos like Jacov Bressler's Fast and Furious Street Smarts DVD set come in.

Learning to Physically Defend Yourself

It's important that any self-defense techniques you study is practical in real-life situations. It's not necessary to learn a wealth of intricate martial arts maneuvers that are all flash and little substance. Oftentimes, the simplest approach is the most effective, especially since it's easier to implement in a moment's notice. Bressler's Fast and Furious Street Smarts videos shows you techniques that are easy to learn and effective to put into use if you find yourself in real danger out on the streets.

Many full-on self-defense and martial arts training classes can take up to five years or more of your time, and for many, it becomes a habitual part of their lives that they continue with for decades. For others, it's just not possible to put in that kind of time. The Fast and Furious Street Smarts DVD aims to present only essential fighting and defense techniques all in a highly concentrated package that's easy to digest completely at your own pace and on your own terms. You don't have to give up years of your life to learn to keep yourself safe.

Learning via video instruction also means you can pick between the techniques presented without an overbearing instructor looking over your shoulder. Not every technique will work for everyone; some are best suited to different body types, for instance, and it's okay to embrace whichever ones fit your current capabilities. Being able to work towards mastery of certain approaches on your own terms is invaluable.

You will also be introduced to both unarmed and armed combat. Many people make the mistake of thinking merely having a weapon with which to protect themselves is all they need. It makes much more sense to actually learn how to use it first. Being familiar with unarmed combat and defenses techniques is also to your benefit just in case you happen to lose your weapon or be without it when someone shady crosses your path.

Practical and Efficient Fighting & Defense Techniques

The Fast and Furious Street Smarts DVD by Jacov Bressler helps you develop practical techniques for keeping yourself protected even in the midst of an all-out street brawl. The instructions are easily followed and digested. Bressler does a lot to break everything down clearly so that anyone of any skill level or physicality can follow along. Everything is presented in an intuitive manner that will leave you learning quickly even if you can only watch a bit at a time.

There are two discs included in the set, and the techniques presented are incredibly varied to present a broad spectrum of possible approaches for defense. For instance, you can learn Okinawan karate moves and straight-up street-fighting alike. Some of the techniques that Bressler shows off in this DVD are also utilized by military and law enforcement officers. You'll also be introduced to valuable skills such as improvising, using your surroundings, and taking control of the fight to use any assailant's attempts to strike against them. The end result is a firm grasp of useful self-defense and fighting techniques that can be used in just about any situation. Having this sort of instruction under your belt will make sure you're always safe whenever you go out.

As far as instructors go, Bressler is highly qualified. He started learning Goju-ryu karate as a teenager, and he learned from a student of Gogen Yamaguchi, one of the absolute legends of Okinawan karate. The entire lineage can even be lead right back to the founder of Goju-ryu himself, Chojun Miyagi. Despite the high profile training, the lessons taught by Bressler in the DVD are incredibly easy to follow. Not once are you talked down to; the entire experience feels incredibly inclusive.

You don't need any sort of preexisting martial arts training of any kind to make use of the practical techniques shared in the Fast and Furious Street Smarts DVD. The knowledge and lessons imparted are as straightforward as possible. That's part of what makes it all so effective. This DVD cuts right to the core of what works if you're in the midst of a dangerous situation. The same instructions have been used to train military personnel, security teams, and even police forces. This is legitimately some of the most useful self-defense training you will find anywhere.

A Wealth of Instruction to Pick from

The video has a total run time of around three and a half hours. There's truly a lot to digest here. As mentioned before, you can cherry-pick if you want or go all-in in just about any order you want. There's no need to commit to something that you feel is outside of your physical capabilities. Most importantly, you can learn how to calm your mind during altercations and outsmart anyone approaching you in an instant. Even if weapons enter the fray, you'll be able to keep your cool after taking in Bressler's instructions. No matter the odds, you will be significantly more prepared to take on all comers after pouring over the content of the DVD.

With a great mix of different approaches to defense and fighting alike, the Fast and Furious Street Smarts video of Jacov Bressler is a must-have DVD for anyone hoping to learn how to handle dangerous situations in real-life. This is a fantastic alternative to committing to long-term, expensive classes. Your safety is more than worth the investment, so check it out as soon as you can.

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