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Electronic Pocket Whistle

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You don't even have to blow this compact Electronic Pocket Whistle...just push a button.

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Electronic Pocket Whistle

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Detailed Description

Electronic Pocket Whistle Personal Alarm for Safety & Training

If a thief ever tries to take your bag, an attacker hits you in an alley and tries to rape you, or a robber breaks into your home, you will want a means of defending yourself in a non-lethal manner that ensures no one will get hurt. That is exactly what you get with this Electronic Pocket Whistle Personal Alarm.

As its name suggests, the Electronic Pocket Whistle looks like a professional sports whistle, but it is electronically powered. This means you don’t actually have to lift it up to your lips and blow. All you have to do is press a button and the whistle will sound off.

What does this do for you during a dangerous crime situation like a rape incident or mugging? As any electronic whistle review will point out, this device emits an ear-piercing sound that registers up to 120dB, the same sound intensity of a gun firing or a jet engine blasting off.

A sound that loud and shrill will take an attacker by surprise. They might even feel pain in their ears due to the surprising nature of the whistle. You can use this opportune moment to run and seek help or, if absolutely necessary, use another non-lethal tool like a pepper spray to incapacitate your attacker.

Using it is very simple: just press down on the button and the whistle will sound off. That’s all there is to it which makes it ideal for everyone, even kids and the elderly. This ensures that anyone and everyone can use this to fend off any criminal trying to do them harm.

The whistle itself is powered by four LR44 batteries, all of which are already include. This ensures that right out of the box, you can just bring it with you and start using it, whether as a non-lethal self-defense tool or for other means, such as getting assistance for an emergency or even for recreational purposes.

People trapped under rubble after an earthquake can use this to help rescuers locate them. The same goes for people stranded in a forest or even at sea. It is a very effective, continuous electronic whistle that will immediately call people’s attention, drawing them nearer to aid you.

It can also be used for recreational purposes. Some people use this as an electronic dog training whistle. It can also be used to train military cadets. As long as the button is being pressed, the whistle will sound off so you can press it rhythmically to create sound patterns used for training sessions.

The whistle will also be useful for sports. It can be an electronic volleyball whistle that will sound off for every moment a team scores or makes a foul. This same theory goes for basketball and even football. It can be used by referees, coaches, and trainers, and it won’t require them to physically blow into it.

Whether you want to use it for sports, for training, for self-defense, or just to add it to your survival kit, this is the ideal personal sound alarm. It is easy to use, portable, and designed to sound off a very loud, recognizable alarm.

Uses 4 LR44 batteries (included).