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Electric Lighter Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

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The Electric Lighter Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR is small and discreet and can be taken just about anywhere to gather video footage at anytime.

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Electric Lighter Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

Trust is a wonderful thing, but trusting everyone all the time is a recipe for disappointment. This is why you sometimes want to get a look at what people are doing in your absence. The hidden camera is the perfect tool for this job. While you have many different cameras to choose from, this Electric Lighter Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR is an excellent option when portability and subtlety are priorities.

Uses of the Hidden Camera with a DVR

Thanks to modern technology, hidden cameras can be very high-quality, compact, and affordable. This puts effective surveillance tools into the hands of virtually everyone, and that's a very good thing. You might want to use a hidden camera for a host of different reasons. If you're an employer, keeping tabs on your employees is often necessary to root out poor performance or theft.

In the home, you have plenty of different concerns that might require discreet surveillance. Maids, nannies, tutors, and other home workers often need to be checked on to verify that they're working in your best interests. Even inside your family, you might want to deploy a camera to uncover bad behavior. Cheating spouses and rebellious teens, for instance, are easier to deal with if you can confront them with incontrovertible video proof of their misdeeds.

Advantages of the Electric Lighter Hidden Spy Camera

The electric lighter spy camera with built-in DVR sold by Revere Security falls into the category of wearable and super-portable hidden cameras. It's eminently discreet, thanks to its handheld size, and its camouflage credentials are unimpeachable: It has a functional electric heating element that allows it to be used as an actual lighter.

The camera built into this lighter captures video at a 1280 x 720 resolution. It also has a motion detector, which can be used to extend the useful amount of recording time you get; this feature is perfect for leaving the lighter in place and capturing a record of what goes on after you depart.

The camera's DVR is responsible for utilizing its onboard 16 GB micro-SD card. If you want, you can also replace the card with a higher-capacity one if you're interested in more storage space. Both charging and downloading video rely on a standard USB connection. This security camera is fully compatible with all computers (Mac and Windows), and the video files it produces are ready for storage or viewing without requiring any third-party software.

DVR, Motion Detention, and Battery Life

The built-in DVR itself features a motion sensor, which means that it might not be activated until it detect movement. You will not be left with footage will nothing at all is happening in the camera’s field of view.

This handy little camera has onboard batteries with a life that should be enough for two hours of filming. Its motion detection capabilities can even extend this somewhat. The security camera with DVR charges rapidly; recharging is only supposed to take two hours. (You can get an even faster charge if you use a standard micro-USB AC wall charger.)

Getting the Most Out of the Lighter Camera

The small size and relative unobtrusiveness of the electric lighter hidden spy camera with DVR make it well-suited to a wide range of different surveillance tasks. It's a perfect ad hoc camera to bring along when you think you'll need to film something but are not sure about the conditions you will find yourself in. It's also a great choice for incorporating into your everyday carry if you want to have an unobtrusive video camera on your person at all times.

An important note if you intend to leave your lighter camera behind to capture video while you are gone: while this device looks just like an electronic lighter, remember that this still makes it an unfamiliar black gadget. Place the lighter with care so that it is less likely to be noticed by anyone you want to record.

Even though it's not a one-size-fits-all solution for your surveillance needs, this Electric Lighter Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR is a very flexible recording tool that can be handy in a variety of different situations. Do your homework before buying one to make sure you end up with what you can rely on.


Features: 1280 x 720 video resolution, 1600 x 1200 photo resolution, motion detection, 2 hour battery life, charging time 2 hours, works with Windows and Mac OS, 16GB memory, 30 FPS. 

Includes: lighter camera, USB Cable, user manual.

Dimensions: 2⅝”× ⁵/₁₆” × 2½”