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Dummy Cameras

Dummy Security Cameras for Home and Office Use

Homes or businesses with security systems such as sound alarms and video surveillance tend to fare better than those without when it comes to preventing burglaries. However, cameras can be expensive, but dummy security cameras for home or business use are just as effective.

A dummy camera is exactly what it sounds like: a camera that looks and behaves like a regular surveillance camera but isn’t. Most dummy cameras are just empty shells that can be remotely moved. Some even have blinking lights to look even more real.

Other dummy cameras are real surveillance cameras but with broken lenses. The majority of these fake security cameras, however, are just plastic domes with a blinking light and a plastic cover that resembles a camera lens.

The shape and look of the camera counts, too. Dome cameras, bullet cameras and mini cameras are the best dummy outdoor security camera devices because culprits can identify them as surveillance devices even from afar.

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