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Dual Wall Charger

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The Dual Wall Charger for the 18650 Lithium Battery.

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Detailed Description

Dual Wall Charger Loads Up Flashlights, Stun Guns

This Dual Wall Charger is among those elite options that are going to do their duty night or day and remain as consistent as necessary. The days of adhering to a product charger that is certainly inefficient will never surface again.

The good thing about this charger begins to appear with its awareness of the details and exactly how it settles into one's lifestyle without giving any issues. It is a top-performance, durable charger that will stay capable plus stable.

This dual gadget charger holds a 18650 lithium battery. It is uncomplicated to operate plus robust and does a fantastic job with all of your batteries. Just plug a battery in and view the charger as it goes to work.

It is going to power through and make certain that the battery is up and kicking as it must be. No person desires to hold out for their batteries to charge until done, and that is unquestionably why this dual technology is now applied to wall chargers.

This device battery charger is trouble-free to plug in and will get right down to business as soon as one would like it to. Nonetheless, for those who are looking to generate a purchase, what devices’ batteries can this item perform with?

There are two core products sold on the Internet and specifically at the Revere Security site that require a wall charger like this one to keep their batteries going. One is the Covert Stun Gun Flashlight while the other is the Self-Defense Flashlight.

Both products necessitate this Dual Wall Charger to be sure that their batteries are working in top gear and will remain consistent. Connect their batteries to the charger and watch it focusing on those batteries.

Stuff that can get free from control often involve speed because nobody wants to hold back, waiting around for their batteries to top up. All tests have been powered by this wall charger to be positive that it maximizes the output being generated by the source of energy.

This keeps the batteries conditioned and will indeed load them up once needed. The reduction of the waiting period keeps those batteries running well and will optimize them for the products they're powering up. It is a vital benefit for the users of this dual charger.

Nothing is worse compared to a charger that isn't consistent. That will never be an issue with this one since it has been tested for efficiency and can handle the requirements one's batteries will place on it over a daily basis.

A wall dual charger that is unsecure will not be a great selection at all. The manufacturer of this one has spent time concentrating on what works and just what does not. It will guarantee the charger does its task in the background.

It wouldn’t wind up rendering safety concerns that are troublesome. If the object is to discover a charger that functions as needed and stays secure, this one must be at the top of everybody’s list. Whether an individual is getting fresh batteries for their Self-Defense Flashlight or Covert Stun Gun Flashlight, this Dual Wall Charger is the solution!

 The Dual Wall Charger for the 18650 Lithium Battery will charge the batteries that come with the ST-SDFLASH (Self Defense Flashlight) and the SM-FL-C (Covert Stun Gun Flashlight).

Batteries NOT Included.

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