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Dr Pepper Diversion Safe

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The Dr Pepper Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

I Caught My Kid Shaking My Dr Pepper Diversion Safe

I caught my kid shaking up a Dr. Pepper soft drink that was in the fridge. It was the middle of the night, and I wanted a snack, so I went downstairs quietly as to not wake my wife. Apparently, I was so quiet that I didn't alert my child to my approach. Little did he know that he was shaking the Dr Pepper diversion safe where we sometimes hide precious things, and his phone charger was in it.

I wasn't concerned at first when I saw the kitchen lights on. He's a teenager and hungry all the time. We have snacks just for him whenever he needs them as a growing boy. However, he wasn't eating. He was holding the Dr. Pepper can and was shaking it up and down as fast as he could.

This can safe has an interior with dimensions that are 3 7/8 in height x 1 inch in width. It is covert even when hidden in plain sight, like on the pantry, near the dishwasher, or in the fridge. Robbers won’t know where our small antiques are.

My kid almost started crying when I opened the Dr Pepper diversion safe in front of him, but instead of fizz exploding, I pulled out his charger like a magician. He won't testing my patience in the near future.


Interior Safe Dimensions: 1 x 3 7/8

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