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Double Trouble Stun Gun

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The Double Trouble Stun Gun is like having two stun guns in one. Twice the contact -- totaling 1.2 Million Volts -- TWICE the stopping power!

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Detailed Description

Double Trouble Stun Gun 1.2 Million Volts Model

Most stun guns hit only one small section of the body. If you are trying to bring down a large person or someone with high pain tolerance, then a regular stun gun may not work. To hit two locations on the body at once, use the Double Trouble Stun Gun 1.2 million volts model.

The Double Trouble is a unique stun gun because of its features and design. Unlike a regular stun gun with tips that are usually 1.5 inches apart, it has two ends that are five inches from each other. This ensures you can double the amount of shock the target receives.

The rubber-coated soft-contour grip is designed like a handle bar, ergonomically shaped so your hand easily grips it. This makes it convenient and quick to use, plus it prevents the possibility of the stun gun getting stolen or yanked out of your hand by an attacker.

One feature that just about every Zap Double Trouble Stun Gun review raves about is its high voltage. A stun gun will not do much unless it has enough voltage to penetrate thick clothing and skin. Luckily, this one produces 1.2 million volts, enough to bring down even the toughest attacker.

You will find the safety switch on the top end. When the stun gun runs out of energy, simply replace the CR123A batteries and you will be ready to jolt any unsuspecting mugger or rapist.

The Double Trouble Stun Gun price is quite affordable when you compare it to the price of other similar devices, but this one has one great advantage: it is the only one with such a design. Its design ensures no one can yank it out of your hand, and its two-point ends promise double the shock for any would-be attacker.

Its retail price includes a free carrying case, a hand strap, and a belt clip. These accessories are important because you want to keep the stun gun within reach. The moment you need to waste ten seconds to pull out a stun gun out of a bag is the moment you will fail in defending yourself.

If, by some case, you are not well-versed with using stun guns for self-defense, you can always avail of a free tutorial Double Trouble Stun Gun video on the Web. These demonstrations show how the stun gun works and how to effectively use it to defend yourself.

A stun gun is most effective when it hits the target’s neck, groin, armpit, or abdomen, and this double contact stun gun is no different. The advantage is that with two ends, you are less likely going to miss. If one end of the stun gun misses, the other is sure to hit.

There is no denying the power of the Double Trouble. It offers a better, easier-to-use design that ensures greater space for greater effect with its two-ends that deliver 1.2 million volts of power. Both beginners and experts, such as neighborhood watch members or guards, can make good use of this type of stun gun.

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