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Door Guard Alarm

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The Door Guard Alarm is a very versatile shock sensor alarm. Ideal for home, office, hotel, or travel.

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Detailed Description

Alarm Door Shock Sensor from Safe Family Life

We have a ton of door and window alarms and devices on the Website, plus numerous other home security products. This alarm door shock sensor with a light, which is from Safe Family Life, is one of them. It is a very versatile shock sensor alarm that is ideal for the home and the office as well as when you travel or stay in a hotel.

The Door Guard Alarm with a shock sensor plus a light can be great for anyone to use anytime and anywhere. In your own house or workplace or in a different place altogether, it can keep you and your loved ones protected from harm. Also, it is really affordable for all that it can do.

It is the Safe Family Life Door Guard for home and office alike. There are various types of door alarms out there. This here is one of the shock sensor door alarms that you can utilize not only in your home and office but everywhere else that you go or travel to. It is the Safe Family Life Door Guard, a really flexible door alarm with a shock sensor and a light.

The shock sensor alarm itself does not requires any installation. You just simply hang it on the doorknob of any door. Once it is hung on the doorknob, it will immediately reveal any vibration on there.

When the safety alarm is triggered, it will discharge a 98dB alert for 20 to 30 seconds. And then the alert will reset in 3 to 5 seconds.

In houses, the Door Guard Alarm can secure families and also individuals against burglars, attackers, plus even peers or kin who turn out to be bad people. In offices and workspaces, it can secure employers against aggressors and muggers. Shops can be defended against shoplifters, too.

This Shock Sensor Door Guard Door Alarm with Light has straightforwardly adjustable sensitivity. You just utilize a screwdriver to easily adjust the sensitivity of the protection alarm.

The Door Guard Safe Family Life Door Alarm can be detached from the doorknob and then used as an area light. Just switch it from the alarm position to the light position.

It is a door alarm with shock sensor for hotel and travel. The Safe Family Life Door Guard Door Alarm with shock sensor plus light can be utilized not only in the house plus the office but also in any hotel and if you are traveling. It is ideal for everybody to use virtually everywhere.

It is small and compact, which makes it portable for all people to use. You should be able to take it with you when you travel so that you can experience defense out there.

Are you not sure about security in a suspicious, shady-looking hotel, but maybe the price there can’t be beat? With the Door Guard Alarm on the door, you can feel safe plus confident even in that hotel.

It can keep you and your loved ones protected against danger and violence. You can all be saved from assailants and robbers.

The Door Guard Alarm with shock sensor uses only 2 AAA batteries in order to function.

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