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Dome Cameras

Choosing an Indoor, Outdoor Dome Camera Security System

Families and businesses that place a premium on security are seeing the value of surveillance cameras in providing peace of mind. While the parents are out making a living or the bosses are away at a conference, they can count on either an indoor or outdoor dome camera security system to catch miscreants red-handed.

Dome cameras have a durable housing that protects them from harsh weather, wear and tear and vandalism. Their dome casing makes them easier to maintain than standard CCTV and surveillance cameras, and less time is spent cleaning the lens. In addition, the dome conceals where the lens is focused, creating the effect of a more ubiquitous presence of watching eyes. That alone can scare off lawbreakers.

There are different kinds of dome cameras for different situations wherein you might need an extra set of eyes. The best night vision dome security camera is an infrared-ready device that makes it easy to detect wrongdoers in the dark. Store activity long past closing time will not go unnoticed.

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A vandal proof outdoor dome camera can be used in public areas of interest where hundreds of people pass, day or night, such as street intersections. Dimly lit streets become easy to watch with the camera’s built-in IR LEDs to show human figures that would otherwise be hard to see when the lights are low. Burglaries, muggings and other forms of street violence that take place at night can be documented with clear images in vivid color and in high definition.

Varifocal dome cameras that come installed with pan-tilt-zoom functions can secure supermarkets and retail shops. PTZ cameras allow their operators to zero in on a certain point of interest. They are useful for monitoring the checkout counter even from a far-off corner. Security personnel can manipulate the camera's angle in real time to track suspected offenders like shoplifters in order to monitor their movements. Video is recorded in high resolution to preserve the little details such as facial features, which help the authorities identify criminals.

Apart from industries, homeowners can benefit from security cameras. A dome camera on the front door can capture burglars and other unwanted visitors, thus increasing security. Motion-activated cameras enable instant recording the moment that sudden action takes place. You won't be wasting drive space with needless recordings.

Dome CCTV cameras that have a DVR with audio recording let you capture immediately the critical moments that threaten your safety. You will not just see undesirable activity taking place on your property but also be able to hear it. Weatherproof day/night cameras offer 24-hour dependability whatever the time of day, whatever the weather.

For large structures that need monitoring devices on various floors, you can purchase any type of dome security camera wholesale at competitive rates. You can even become an online reseller of surveillance cameras, and earn extra while increasing security for other people. Large families with many rooms inside the home can also buy dome cameras in bulk to cover all the important sections in the premises without breaking the bank.