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Personal Care Product Safes

Portable Diversion Safes to Outsmart Muggers or Coworkers

All too often, theft is a crime of opportunity. Some people you know and probably even like have an unhealthy interest in your expensive sports watch or the contents of the pricey bag you like to leave on your work desk or in your gym locker. If you take your eyes off the prize for even a few minutes, they will steal it and then act normal. However, if you have portable diversion safes that hide your valuables in plain sight, thieves will never have the opportunity to find and filch those valuables.

Diversion safes are able to outsmart thieves by looking too mundane to contain anything of value. Does a can of Brut sitting quietly in a bathroom cabinet seem like it might contain flash drives or stock certificates, for example? Not any of a burglar in a hurry, the help, or some visiting cousins would think so in a million years. Your Brut Shaving Foam Diversion Safe would be undetectable to thieves.

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Even a burglar who knows about diversion safes would still not have the time to go through every single can and box in your home. Thieves just do not have that kind of time because they are trying not to get caught. If a thieving nanny or plumber had only a short while to enter your bedroom unnoticed, they would head straight to the wall safe, sock drawer, and under the mattress, yet not waste precious seconds on the Desenex Diversion Safe at the bottom of your shoe closet.

Thieves will hit the obvious hiding places within their limited time frame because the chances are far higher they will discover your loot there than in store-bought spray cans. You should carefully choose not only your diversion safes but also your diversion safe hiding spots for that reason. The same can of Brut or Desenex would look suspect in the kitchen or study room and thus pique the curiosity of thieves.

A diversion safe box or can is weighted for effect in case someone lifts it up. It has a false bottom or top and a secret compartment that fits everything from keys to a cell phone.

Some diversion safes do not even resemble containers at all. The Lint Roller and Hair Brush Diversion Safes are truly ingenious security products in that way. A lint roller would not seem questionable inside a travel bag or at a workstation, and you could very well take your hairbrush around without enticing anyone to borrow it. Creating a can safe diversion is a great way to hide your real cash from muggers or your jewelry in a dorm or hotel room.

Personal care product safes are useful inside and outside the home. A thief might grab and run with the smartphone in your hand but not if you had fished your Aquanet Hairspray Diversion Safe out of your vanity kit instead. You could leave the Spray Bottle Diversion Safe in your laundry room or tool shed at the garden or inside your gym bag along with the Barbasol Diversion Safe.