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Automotive Product Diversion Safes

The FBI reports that 74.5 percent of all burglaries occur at home. In most cases, burglars start by entering the garage and will spend an average of 8 minutes to look for anything valuable and then leave. Disguised diversion safes for car use and placed in the garage can be a good way of protecting your valuable items during those crucial minutes.

Burglars often do not try to exert too much effort. They will not go for heavy valuables or waste time opening a safe when they can stash smaller items. So they will go for loose cash, jewelry, phones, and the like.

Now, hiding these things in your car will not guarantee their safety – some burglars might crack the car window and take everything inside. This is why unique diversion safes disguised as ordinary garage items are a safer tactic. After all, no burglar would steal a can of oil.

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Hiding in plain sight is one of the best tactics against burglars. They would assume that your money and valuables are kept in locked safes or at least in the trunk of your car, inside the glove box, or in a locked drawer in your garage. They would never think to look for a false bottom inside a can of lubrication oil.

There are many varieties of automotive product diversion safes, and the can safe Gunk or JB offers is a good example. The JB Oil Diversion Safe looks like a real can of engine oil, and it even feels like it has the same weight. However, there is a false bottom that can be removed, allowing you to store money and valuables in the can.

There are also the Gunk Brake Cleaner and Liquid Wrench Diversion Safes. They have false bottoms and all the usual advertising and labels that car products should have, like claims for a new cleaning formula and a hazard warning. These elements make them look and feel like the real thing.

Diversion can safes for sale online are not just authentic-looking but also very affordable security measures to protecting your valuables.

Big safes, like the ones shown in movies, cost hundreds of dollars, and burglars identify them upon sight. Who has not seen a big, heavy black box that requires a number code to open? Those conventional safes stand out and are not the safest options. Burglars might even attack you just to get the password to the safe.

Can diversion safes are much safer. Most burglars would ignore a can of engine oil sitting in the garage. If spending under $20 is all it takes to make sure burglars do not run off with thousands of dollars and jewelry, then it is an investment well spent.

So why risk your home’s safety and security when a small investment in a can diversion safe for your garage or vehicle could deter burglars away? They might come in, snoop around for 8 minutes, and then leave when they find nothing of value because all your valuables are safely hiding in plain sight.