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Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function

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There are many reasons why conversations may need to be recorded, and using the latest technology will allow users to do so with convenience and speed using the Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function.

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SKU: DPR-864


Detailed Description

Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function

Recordings have never been easier than they are now using this Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function. It is the only solution that can help in this regard.

Powerful recorder with these items included in the box:

1) User Manual 2) Microphone 3) USB Transfer Cable 4) Software CD 5) Phone Adapter 6) Phone Cable 7) 3.5mm Audio Cable 8) Earphones

Crystal-Clear Voice and Phone Recording

It all starts with the immaculate recording that is on offer for the user. The recording quality is out of this world. It will sound as if the person is speaking right next to you. What other recorder can give this type of value to the listener?

4 GB Capacity

How many messages can it hold? The number is 99, but the real value is in the overall capacity. With 4 GB capacity on offer, a person can make sure high-quality files are being recorded rather than wasting time with solutions that are going to be choppy instead. Why go with those when this can be put to use instead?

Three Recording Modes

There are three recording modes on this recorder. These are going to vary based on how much space has to be used. These modes are HQ, LP, SP. This is done to make sure a person has more control over how the recordings are being done.

MP3 Files

What type of files are going to be recorded when this device goes to work? The product will look to produce MP3 files, which are of the highest quality and are going to sustain their clarity for as long as one wants. These files are great for those who will be collecting messages and want to get it spot on.

Time Stamp for All Recordings

How will one be able to sift through the recordings? Doesn't it start to bog one down over time? This is the worry, but it does not have to be with the recorder in line with modern needs. The time stamp is going to make sure one can pick where to start their listening requirements.

Telephone Recording Is Possible

Telephone recording is possible. It is an easy process and takes seconds to get started. The Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function is the best choice for this.

Can Store 99 Messages

How many messages can it store for those who are going to be optimizing it for regular recordings? It can hold up to 99 messages at any given time. This means it can be made to run over and over again as long as the quota is not crossed.

The 99 messages will be from start to finish. It is also going to give the user an opportunity to transfer those files and continue to use the recorder without having to remove the files one by one.

Powered By 2 AAA Batteries

How is this solution powered? How does it get down to work for those who are ready to put it to use? All it takes is two AAA batteries, and this recorder will be up and running in no time. The amount of power it uses is minimal, and that means the battery life is exceptional.

The batteries are not going to run out on the user when important recordings are being made. It can handle the load and ensure the batteries will not be put under the pump when it comes to the recorder and its overall usage.

Removable Flash Disk

How are the recordings going to be transferred? The removable flash disk makes it as easy as ever to get files from one place to another. The USB transfer cable provides another viable solution for those who are looking to take these MP3 recordings and make the most of them.

The Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function can provide crystal-clear quality for those who require it and makes the process as simple as possible. Recording phone calls and messages should not be a problematic experience.

It should be as simple as setting up the recorder and letting it go to work as needed. Those who take advantage of this can get more from it. This is the one-stop product for those who are looking to record with relative ease on a regular basis.


Specifications: Support 4GB capacity, Voice recorder and music player format: MP3, Three recording modes (HQ, LP, SP),External professional microphone, Built -in high grade microphone and louder speaker, Line-in recording, Digital voice recorder function, Removable flash disk, Support telephone conversation recording, Support VOR function, With mp3 player support A-B repeat function, Can record the date and time when recording start, Memory: 4GB, LP: 864hour, SP: 192hour, One file, the files can store 99 recording messages, USB cable: PC Interface USB1.1 FULL Speed, Key lock function, S/N (ratio) 90dB, Power: 1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery x 2, Weight: About 32g (Except Battery), Dimensions: 28.2 x 111 x 13.8(mm), Battery life: 17hours

Includes: Manual, USB Transfer Cable, Microphone, Earphones, Software CD, 3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable, Phone Adapter, Phone Cable.

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