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Delta Seal Camp DVD Series

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Delta Seal Camp DVD Series- This is a series of elite combat courses that were hosted by actual Navy Seal and real U.S. Army Delta veteran trainers.

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Detailed Description

Delta Seal Camp DVD Series

The Delta Force and the Navy SEALs are widely regarded as the finest units of U.S. military. These elite special operations forces are called upon to execute almost impossible missions ranging from hostage rescue to sabotage to counter-terrorism. When it comes to instructional self-defense, one rare opportunities is to watch the actual member trainers of these Special Forces sharing their training in set of armed as well as unarmed combat videos. All the moves they make are classified and covert, but this set of videos in the Delta Seal Camp DVD Series has exactly that.

Everyday Defensive Fighting Instructions

Members of the U.S. Navy SEALs as well as U.S. Army Delta Force are elite military lifers. They have the skills to offer vital education in terms of defensive fighting, and this is why the instructional fighting videos in the Delta Seal Camp DVD Series are so important. Keep in mind that these military lifers are not just interested in teaching the most serious students but also the general public.

In fact, it won't be wrong to say that most people want to learn defensive fighting just to be able to survive every day instead of becoming a fighting expert. Most people want to learn self-defense to protect themselves from bullying, mugging, or robbery and come out alive, preferably unharmed. This set of instructional videos is perfect for individuals like you who want to learn basic self-defense instead of spending up to 8 years to master a self-defense skill.

There are a number of advantages of these instructional fighting DVDs as these are easy to understand, properly segmented allowing you to train in very little time as well as priced affordably. These self-defense videos have been designed keeping in mind the fitness levels and time availability of ordinary people.

With the help of this self-defense DVD, you'll be able to learn self-defense techniques at a convenient place of your choosing, in your own time, and with the partner you feel comfortable with. You can also try various different fighting styles to find the one best suited for you.

When it comes to fighting lifers, this set of videos act as an amazing supplementary source in addition to extensive classes. Also, these videos offer an easy-to-use jump-off point in case they become interested in other fighting disciplines.

One DVD Set for All the Elite Military Skills

In this Delta Seal Camp DVD Series, there are actual members of the Delta Force and Navy SEALs who train ordinary civilians in an intense four-day military boot camp. The trainers in the DVD series are veterans in training their own Special Forces units. These are the best teachers out there for self-defense techniques. They are also capable of training individuals who already had prior training and may not be convinced by using old tactics.

This DVD set covers various elite military combat courses that allow these Delta and SEAL trainers to share their wealth of knowledge in terms of hand-to-hand, close-quarters weapon, unarmed as well as firearms combat. The level of training is up to an extent that only these Special Forces ever reach. The training skills are properly distilled into methods to allow anyone, including a full-time parent, a college student, or an office worker to follow. This training turned out to be successful for the group of civilians in the four-day military boot camp.

It is a complete and full-fledged self-defense video course designed to cater to different needs. In fact, the training in the four-day boot camp was so comprehensive and unheard-of outside the Special Forces units that it attracted the attention from the Defense hierarchy and also Washington. The training is so good that even martial arts aficionados and survivalists should be able to pick up something from the instructional videos.

The Delta Seal Camp DVD Series contains seven tapes that offer seven hours of intense training. Trainers that hosted the boot camp are real-life Delta Force and Navy SEAL military. These special trainers combined with the runtime of the instructional videos make this DVD training series the right choice for beginners as well as experts.

If you are searching for police and military self-defense video training instead of street fighting or martial art videos, this is the right choice for you. Also, you may not need other video courses as the comprehensive instructions in this DVD series cover all the aspects of self-defense fighting.

Learning to fight like a Delta or SEAL

The Army Delta Force and the Navy SEALs are two separate military units but they form the cream of the Special Operations

Command. The Navy SEALs are an elite unit within the U.S. Navy whereas the Army Delta Force is an elite group of soldiers with in the U.S. Army. As far as the selection in these two elite units is concerned, one has to pass the most stringent recruitment processes in the entire world. The training that also covers special warfare is extremely tough.

Since these are the best U.S. Special Forces, these units are often given the task to deal with most difficult and least familiar targets and missions. The targets usually involve counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, covert operations, direct action, as well as special reconnaissance missions, among others. These missions are usually carried out in unsympathetic environment. It won't be wrong to say that the training and trainers in this Delta Seal Camp DVD Series are the best when it comes to military combat instruction. If you want instructions on defending yourself from some serious danger, you need this level of training.

The Navy SEALs, which stands for U.S. Navy's Sea, Air and Land Teams, are specially trained to operate in various climate and terrains. This unit started as a special as well as covert counter-guerrilla force. The Delta Forces, aka the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta, was created as an exclusive counterterrorist force along with the Seal Team 6. Almost all the missions carried out by the Delta Force are highly classified. The special activities division of the CIA often hires recruits from the Delta Force as well as Navy SEALs.

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