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Country Time Lemonade Diversion Safe

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The Country Time Lemonade Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Country Time Lemonade Diversion Safe Can to Mislead Thieves

Burglars breaking into your home would spend their time looking for wallets, metal safes or stuff hidden in under your bed. They would never consider checking for cash inside a can of Country Time Lemonade tucked in your kitchen cupboards, never realizing that is actually a diversion safe can.

A diversion can safe, like this Country Time Lemonade Diversion Safe, is designed to look 100 percent identical to the real thing. Because these safes are made to look like ordinary objects, they can hide your valuables in plain sight, ensuring burglars would completely ignore them even if they spotted them.

This diversion safe review guarantees that even if you were to hold this can up to a real Country Time Lemonade can, you would not be able to tell the difference. The labels, colors, and even size of the can are the same. To make it even more believable, the can has been weighed to be as heavy as a full can, too.

Even the best disguises won’t do much if your hidden safe cans weren’t effective in holding your valuables. Luckily, this home safe’s secret compartment and design are just as flawless as its disguise, making it the ideal choice to hide your important possession.

If a burglar were to pick this can up, they would never see that there is a secret compartment. Only you will be aware of it, and only you will know that it can be screwed open from the bottom. When you do, you’ll see an interior space that measures 4 x 4 3/4 inches.

This is enough space to hide a small phone, rolls of cash, necklaces, watches, and even a small self-defense weapon like a pepper spray or firearm. You can use this hidden safe to keep your car keys or important documents and credit cards away from the hands of thieves.

Looks alone won’t do the job. You need to put it where burglars will think it belongs. Given that this is a can of lemonade, it would blend in better in the kitchen. Place it in your fridge if you do not have gadgets hiding inside it or if you do then place it in your cupboards.

You might even want to place some real cans of lemonade beside it to make it look even more realistic. If you do it this way, then a burglar is very likely to never even notice it as they are too busy looking for more obvious hiding places.

Placing the can safe in your master’s bedroom is the worst option. According to the Chicago Crime Commission, burglars only spend roughly 8 minutes in a house and they spend most of that time in the main bedroom. Placing your safe there would make it more likely to be notices.

Not all diversion safes are designed as a can of lemonade. You can also find a diversion safe can tuna, a book diversion safe and even one disguised as a wall outlet. Using these are far more effective than using a metal safe with a complex lock since those are almost immediately spotted by burglars.

Interior Safe Dimensions: 4 x 4 3/4

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