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Combination Locking Book Safe

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The Combination Locking Book Safe looks like an English Dictionary on the book shelf.

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Combination Locking Book Vault Diversion Safe for Valuables

If burglars ever break into your home, they will spend the few minutes they have searching the obvious spots where people are likely to hide their valuables such as in drawers, in metal safes, or stashed under the bed. However, using a Book Vault Diversion Safe is a better idea. It hides your items in plain sight.

On average, burglars only spend about 8 minutes in a home, and they use most of that time in the master’s bedroom, as they assume that is where items are hidden. A diversion safe, such as this Combination Locking Book Safe, uses this fact to its advantage.

Keep this diversion safe in your library or in a bookshelf in the living room. No thief would ever think of wasting his time going through your books when they are too busy looking for cash or gadgets to steal. They might never even leave the master’s bedroom, completely ignoring the spot you kept this safe in.

This book diversion safe looks like an ordinary book, and it is even labeled to look like any other English dictionary. It even has the wear and tear to make it look like an old book that’s seen a lot of page flipping over the years. However, this is not a real book as it has a hollow space to hide your valuables.

Outside, the book measures 9 5/8-inches x 8 1/8-inches x 3 1/8-inches. Inside, the hollow space measures 9 1/2-inches x 7 7/8-inches x 2 5/8-inches. You’ll be able to hide your cash, credit cards, jewelry, and even a small pistol or pepper spray which you can discreetly use in case you need to fight back.

The dictionary diversion book safe also uses a combination lock, which guarantees only you will be able to open it. This comes in handy just in case you’re hiding a gun or other type of dangerous weapon and you want to hide it not just from burglars but also from your kids.

However, one key factor in using the diversion safe with lock combination properly is to place it in the right spot in your home. If you place this diversion safe by your bedside, there is a chance a burglar might inspect it. Keep it in your living room, amongst dozens of other books, and it’ll be completely ignored.

Don’t just use the book safe during the night. Studies have shown that many burglars actually break into homes during the day, from 9 AM to 4 PM, which is when most homes are empty. These are the hours kids are in school and parents are at work, so make sure to hide your valuables even when you assume burglars wouldn’t break in during broad daylight.

There are other kinds of diversion safes as well, such as can safes and wall clock home safes. You can use these in conjunction with the book safe to be able to hide your car keys, credit cards, cash, phones, and other important items. Never leave things to chance and make sure they’re all properly hidden.