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Combat JKD DVD - Chris Clugston

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Chris Clugston - As a bouncer, kick-boxer, shootboxer and experienced street-fighter, Christopher Clugston knows how stupid it is to master any martial art style that has rules. The real world of street fighting has no rules!

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Detailed Description

Combat JKD - Chris Clugston Street Fighting Secrets Videos

Important fact: you don’t need to be a martial arts master to defend yourself from home invaders, muggers, or rapists. You don’t need ten years of training. Learning basic but effective techniques can save your life, and you can learn those techniques with these street fighting secrets video.

Simply watching and practicing what is given in this Combat JKD DVD by Chris Clugston and you’ll have the skills needed to fend for yourself from any assault. The DVD is roughly 3 hours and 45 minutes long, and within that span of time, it contains all the techniques you’ll learn to become a fighter.

You probably have a job or school and cannot attend martial arts classes for years. You probably don’t even have the desire to do so. With that in mind, Christopher Clugston’s street fighting techniques videos focus only on the techniques that will be useful in real life situations.

After all, in a real street fight against a mugger, there won’t be a referee or judges to count points. Real fights are brutal and Clugston’s street fighting martial arts videos gives you the skillset needed to be just as effective in a real world situation.

You can learn these techniques quickly and in your own free time. All of them are designed to be learned and mastered even if you don’t have someone to spar with or the time to keep practicing and practicing. You can literally equip yourself with the knowledge and skills in just a few days of practice.

This makes the video tutorials perfect for people who’ve never done martial arts. Everyone from women to kids and seniors can learn to defend themselves with these techniques. However, just because they are quick and easy to learn, it doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful because they are.

As mentioned, these are designed for real street fights without rules or restrictions. Clugston also focuses a lot on combat Jeet Kune Do, the very martial art made by Bruce Lee. Lee didn’t admire the martial arts that were only useful in sports or movies and designed Jeet Kune Do as a practical fighting art.

With these self defense take down videos, you’ll learn how to take down multiple attackers, how to fight and disarm an opponent with a gun or knife, and how to fight in a multitude of places like open areas, tight rooms, stairs, alleys, and more.

It is important to master these techniques because even if you carry a pepper spray or other self-defense weapon like a TASER, there is always the chance you might be attacked on a day you aren’t carrying it. The opponent might be able to take your weapon and use it against you. You should be able to defend yourself even in such cases and these videos equip you the skills you need to do so.

But why Chris Clugston’s tutorials? He worked as a bouncer, as a kickboxer, and even as a professional street fighter. That’s experience you cannot buy or attain with a belt. His real world experiences guarantee that he is the master of practical, brutal, and easy-to-grasp self-defense.

Total Run Time: 3 Hrs 45 Min

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