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Child Trackers

Child Electronic Tracker and Alarm for Outdoor Safety

Over 800,000 kids below the age of 18 are reported missing, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Sometimes, you might have just been looking at the groceries for five seconds and already your child could have wandered off. This is why a child electronic tracker is needed.

A child tracker for parents is a simple but highly effective manner of knowing when your child is out of bounds. This becomes useful when at home since you don’t want kids wandering out of site, especially when there is a dangerous dog or swimming pool nearby, but it becomes a necessity when outdoors.

When you are at the mall, the department store, or anywhere outside your home vicinity, then you are more susceptible to kidnappers and other circumstances that could lead your kid astray and lost.

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Many studies also indicate that most kids are lost or kidnapped even with their parents or guardians around. A parent just has to look away for several seconds and the child can already be off somewhere else. Even the slightest distraction can lead to abduction since most kidnappers wait patiently for that small window of opportunity.

One of the best devices to know if your child is wandering off too far is the Child Guard Panda. It functions like a wireless leash. Your child will wear a device similar to a watch and designed like a cartoon panda. You, on the other hand, will keep a receiver on a key chain or in your pocket.

Now you can set this electronic child alarm to signal off once it reaches 6 feet or 30 feet away from your receiver. Any time your child strays too far, your receiver will continue to beep. This is a perfect way to monitor your child in a busy area like the marketplace or shopping mall.

Also, there is the Wireless Child Leash wristband. This two-way alarm has 70 dB. When a kid, pet, or aged loved one has gone too far, you just push the wristband’s button to ding it. This wireless leash can follow 10 to 100 feet of bare space or less with surrounding walls or items.

Here, too, are the Safe Steps clip-on shoe lights and arm bands that provide some light from an ankle or arm. Each one is LED and weather-resistant, and it grants better visibility while you are out there and hiking, riding a bike, jogging, or with other people or animals.

Using an electronic child leash, an arm band, or a shoe light is not a sign of lazy parenting. It is a sign that you are taking your responsibility over your child’s safety seriously. Even under the best circumstances, there is still a chance that your kid could get lost in a large crowd or kidnapped when you aren’t looking, even for just a second.

According to the FBI, the first 3 hours after they have gone missing are the most crucial moments to find your children. Otherwise, they could be gone forever. With a child leash and GPS tracker, you’ll be one step ahead.