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Child Guard Panda

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Have you ever experienced the terror of thinking your child is missing or lost?

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Detailed Description

Child Guard Panda Child Locator Jewelry Wireless Alarm

Even if you have constantly got your eye on your child, it only takes a quick moment for them to suddenly disappear. You might have turned around to answer a text message or say hello, and when you look back, they are gone. This issue can then be prevented by wearing this child locator jewelry tracking device.

The Child Guard Panda is designed to immediately alert you in case your child is wandering beyond a certain perimeter. If you’re at the mall, at a party, or just taking your child out for a stroll in the park, this will guarantee she doesn’t stray too far or gets picked up by a kidnapper while you’re not looking.

Even if you think you’ll be constantly looking at your child, you should still invest in a child tracker wristband. It is very difficult to find a child once he or she has been kidnapped or lost, and very often, the chances of ever recovering the lost child drop significantly low after the first hour or so.

You can use this Child Guard Panda as a wristband or simply add it as a child locator necklace. You can also make them wear it around their ankles or keep it in their pockets. It is very important that it is kept on their body so that even if they drop their bag, the locator will still be on them.

Here’s how it works: the child will wear the tracker, which is designed to look like a panda, ensuring they’ll be more likely to keep it on, while you have a receiver that is built with a loud sound alarm. Once the panda tracker wristband steps too far away from the receiver, the latter will sound off.

You can adjust the distance that the locator can reach before the receiver begins blaring off. You can set it to sound off when the locator goes beyond 6 feet of you or if the locator reaches beyond 30 feet. The former is the perfect option if you’re in a busy area like a mall, train station, or airport.

The best child trackers are those that kidnappers and even the wearers do not realize are trackers, and this is where the Child Guard Panda excels at. It looks like an ordinary children’s watch or wristband toy that any kid would be wearing. No kidnapper would think to remove it, and no child would want to go without it.

Using this tracker isn’t just to prevent your kid from getting picked up by strangers or to prevent them from wandering off and getting lost. There are many other situations where it might be very important to keep your kid by your side.

There might be a swimming pool nearby, and this tracker will let you know if your child is getting dangerously close to the water. If your house is close to the highway, this will let you know if they are stepping out of the house and on to the road. It can also alert you if they are getting too close to the stairs or out of the playpen.

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