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Cherry 7UP Diversion Safe

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The Cherry 7UP Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Cherry 7UP Portable Diversion Hidden Soda Can Safes

Store your valuables in hidden soda can safes. Your high-value items will actually be much more secure in these safes than in sophisticated electronic combination-lock safes because they will be hidden in the best place possible: right in plain sight.

You can’t get away from the threat posed by burglars. Anywhere, there is always the risk that someone might get in and steal your things. It is bad enough that thieves can do this by breaking and entering, but it does not necessarily have to be a case of forced entry when a thief gains access to the house he is targeted.

Larceny is often committed by people in your home. A babysitter or housekeeper can pocket small but valuable items left lying around. They are often are in your house just when you are not so it is even easier for them. Even a guest can swipe some of your stuff, and so can your kids’ neighborhood buddies. That is why you need diversion safes like our Cherry 7UP Diversion Safe to protect your property.

Diversion safes are just simple containers but look exactly like household or office items like tape dispensers, peanut butter or mayonnaise jars, toothpaste tubes, can safes like our sample product, or even wall sockets. So your cash, jewelry, watches, or other valuable property will be hidden right in plain sight.

Some of the best diversion safes are pop can safes like our sample product. It looks just like a can of Cherry 7UP, but it has a removable top that you can unscrew to reveal a hollow interior that is sized 1” x 3 ?”. A Mountain Dew diversion safe can or other soda can would also conceal something small and valuable very well.

It is easy to imagine what you can keep in this clever diversion safe. A 18K gold wristwatch would fit perfectly. You could just drop a sterling silver pendant in it, and no burglar would ever suspect that this soda can lookalike is actually a safe that is hiding an expensive piece of jewelry.

This imitation 7UP can will be right at home in your bag, at the gym, at the beach, on your office desk, or on the table beside your bed. It will blend in perfectly on a kitchen shelf beside real soft drink cans.

Buy your safe can wholesale from us online. You’ll save a whole lot of money that way.

Diversion safes are the best way to protect expensive personal property. Conventional safes with combination locks, even those sophisticated electronic locks, are actually less safe because they are theft magnets. Some thieves are good at safecracking, which makes storing your stuff in traditional safes even riskier.

Can safes like ours, on the other hand, are not only disguised, they weigh just like the real thing so even if a thief picks one up, he will never know that it is really empty. Place it among other soda cans or food products to make it even harder for burglars to find it. Burglars are always in a rush and won’t waste time going on looking for something they can’t find.

Interior Safe Dimensions: 1 x 3 7/8

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