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Bug Detector with Strength Meter

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The Bug Detector with Strength Meter is high quality, hand held, and great for detecting wireless audio/video products.

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SKU: AVD-101


Detailed Description

Bug Detector with Strength Meter for Spy Cameras, Microphones

Most people in this day and age know that they are being constantly watched and listened to by interested parties, be it in the government or private sources. Some are even being hounded in a shopping center, a comfort room, or their own home. These people would like to have more knowledge as to when and where that usually happens. That is where this Bug Detector with Strength Meter comes in handy. It can flash out all spy cameras and microphones in its vicinity.

Some people may have more reasons to carry a bug detector wherever they go compared to others. In fact, the latest technology allows you to be free, here in the “land of the free.” These bug detectors are of the highest-quality, thanks to the latest research and technology in the industry.

These detectors are ideal for finding any kind of audio or video wireless products that are nearby, recording and filming you. This equipment comes with a built-in signal strength meter as well as a sensitivity control, which are adjustable according to your requirements.

The Bug Detector with Strength Meter comes with a full detection range between 1 MHz and 3 GHz. It is mainly used to detect and locate the frequency of a bug. It is an invaluable and a handy little tool to carry around at times, and for some people, all the time.

The video camera plus microphone detector operates with 5 x AA 600mAH NiCD pack batteries. The battery life is normally 8 hours when in use and 500 hours when in standby mode. There is a silent alert mode in the tool. You also get a beeper in there. The frequency of the microphone and hidden camera detector is from 1MHz to 3 GHz.

This read offers comprehensive information on the Bug Detector with Strength Meter. It will facilitate your purchasing decision.

 Specifications: Frequency Range = 1 MHz to 3 GHz, Battery = 5 x AA 600 M/AH NiCd, Battery Life = 6 Hours in use/500  stand-by, Ant. Impedance = 50 Ohms, Real Frequency Display= 30 Hr., Time Lapse Frequency Display= 960 Hour., Silent Alert Mode = No, Beeper = Yes, Low Battery Indicator = No, Barograph= Ultra Sensitive 5 Sections,

Dimensions = 3.9" x 2.75" x 1.2"

Includes: Bug detector, Antenna, and Charger

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