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Brut Shaving Foam Diversion Safe

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Brut Shaving Foam Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Brut Shaving Foam Portable Hotel Safe & Bathroom Safe

If a thief were to break into your hotel room, they would most likely spend their time checking for a phone, cash, credit card, jewelry, or car keys. They would never think of stealing your shaving cream, which makes this disguised portable hotel safe your best bet in keeping your valuables safe.

Using this Brut Shaving Foam Diversion Safe allows you to hide your important possessions in plain sight. This is because the safe does not look like a big, heavy metal box with a complex lock on it. Instead, it looks like any ordinary can spray of shaving cream.

Big metal safes might be fine for offices, large homes, and the like, but if you live in a dorm or are staying in a hotel room, then you need something lighter. Using a portable safe for college dorms or hotel rooms like this covert can safe will be a better solution since no burglar would ever think of inspecting it.

Looking at this safe can stash and you would never be able to distinguish it from the real deal. You can set this beside a real can of Brut shaving cream and they will be identical, from the colors to the labels and ingredients listed.

Of course, looks alone won’t seal the deal, which is why this is also designed to be weighted like a full can of Brut shaving cream. The added weight makes it feel like it is brand new instead of an empty can that might be holding something inside. But what can you hide in it?

The interiors are large enough to make this a portable watch safe or key safe. You can hide your cash as well and necklaces or expensive rings. Even without a heavy metal safe, all your valuables will be safely hidden in this disguised safe.

Of course, you will want to place it in a spot where it won’t look suspicious. You want it to hide in plain sight, not to draw attention. In order to do this, you have to place the can safe somewhere it will blend in and look like naturally belongs where it is.

Given that this is designed like a can of shaving cream, it would be best to keep it in the bathroom. Just place this beside your toothbrush, toothpaste, and hair dryer, and no thief would ever think twice of checking it out. You can also hide it by placing it in the cupboards below the sink.

If any burglar were to break into your dorm or hotel room, they would ignore it because they won’t be interested in stealing someone’s shaving cream. They would be interested in stealing cash so they’d waste all their time checking your bags and locked drawers. After finding nothing, they are more likely to leave.

There are other kinds of diversion safes as well, each one designed to look like a different object. Some are designed to look like wall clocks, dictionaries, and even cans of paint. You can pick which one is most appropriate for your needs and the place you stay in.

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