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Blue Leatherette Holster for RUNT Stun Gun

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Deluxe blue leatherette holster for RUNT stun gun designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun.

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Detailed Description

In close quarters melee combat, seconds can mean the difference between defeat and victory. Being armed with a stun gun alone does not insure your victory where you are cornered into a position wherein you have to defend yourself. It takes a second to get inside a person's guard, and it takes a couple of seconds of contact with the skin in order to completely stun and immobilize a person. A couple of seconds – that is what you are buying when you purchase holsters for stun guns. In the case of the leatherette holster especially made for the Runt Stun Gun, those seconds can come with a bit of style.

Stylish stun guns for men and women can be carried in equally stylish holsters. You can either pair a blue stun gun with a Blue Leatherette Holster for the Runt Stun Gun, or choose whatever color combination looks good, like a Blue Holster with a black stun gun. It is not just a matter of style. The vibrant color of this holster can give your weapon an innocent, harmless look, fooling would-be wrongdoers into thinking it might just be a phone or other harmless gadget instead of a paralyzing self-defense weapon.

The Runt leather stun gun holster is truly more than just a fashion accessory. The design is perfectly fitted for the Runt Stun Gun, allowing you to use it more quickly and efficiently when necessary. You may be armed with a powerful stun gun, but if you can't access it at the moment you are attacked, you will be a sitting duck.

Keeping a naked stun gun in your bag, or even your pocket, means that when you need to take action, you will have to fiddle around these areas to find it. That wastes valuable seconds - seconds that your attacker can use to subdue you for whatever criminal purpose, and seconds you could be using to end the fight in your favor.

A stun gun with holster does not just allow you to draw or act faster. It also protects you from your own weapon. While it is non-lethal, the Runt Stun Gun can still be a danger to its wielder when used and kept with neglect. Remember, with the push of a button, a Runt Stun Gun can deliver 20 million volts of electricity. It is too dangerous to just have that kind of device swimming around in your bag along with your other stuff. You could accidentally stun yourself, which is both stupid and highly dangerous, especially if it happens while you are being attacked.

This little beauty of a stun gun carrying case can be conveniently carried in different ways. It comes with a durable clip that easily attaches to your belt. Above that is a metal ring, which can also be used to hang or carry the holster.

Your stun gun is secured in its place in the holster by a simple magnetic clasp. Simply pull to open and connect to close. This allows for quicker retrieval of your weapon.

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