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Women Need To Pack A Gun To Avoid Rape, Says GOP Indiana Lawmaker

When a woman is raped, most people would agree that further victimization of that woman should be avoided at all cost. However, a GOP lawmaker has suggested that women need to carry a gun and learn to use it to protect themselves. The lawmaker was criticized for implying that women who don't carry a gun are at least partially to blame for the fact they were raped. The lawmaker was also criticized for using rape to push a gun rights agenda.

Key Takeaways:

  • Indiana Lawmaker Jim Lucas received criticism after suggesting that women should arm themselves with guns to prevent rape. After reading an article in an Indiana newspaper, Lucas wrote a handwritten letter advising a follow up story that included firearm usage to empower women against being raped.
  • Critics claimed Lucas was being insensitive and was trying to further his pro firearm agenda. He praised a pro gun group named Women Armed and Ready, and posted photos and images of items he bought from the group on his Facebook page.
  • Lucas apologized for his comments, but also voiced his amazement at the backlash he received. He reiterated that rape is an "evil horrible crime" and was surprised at the negativity his words invoked. However, Lucas has made comments about women before that have been criticized as well.

"Rape occurs in part because victims aren’t “empowering themselves” by packing guns. That was the recent message from a fiercely pro-gun rights member of Indiana’s House of Representatives."

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