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Top Self-Defense Tactics Everyone Should Know

With violence on the rise in America , the people of the United States are starting to take self defense classes to feel a bit more safer. Even if you dont have the money to take self defense classes, they're self defense techniques you can learn and practice from your own home . Self defense is a crucial key to safety.

Key Takeaways:

  • Park your car in a well-lit area. Stay out of dark places whenever you can. Don’t underestimate how important light can be.
  • Try doing an ear clap. Cup your one hand and use it to hit your attacker’s ear in one strong, fast motion.
  • Another technique you can try is using your elbows to hit your attacker’s head. You won’t be able to turn and punch when you’re stuck in this hold.

"It’s very important to know how to defend yourself against potential attackers. But the best form of self-defense is actually prevention."

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