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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • Forget What You Saw On Vampire Diaries. Here Are 10 Facts About Real Vampires

    In popular media, vampires are portrayed more like humans with every passing movie and television show, but that's not how they were initially intended to be perceived.

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    Though there is controversy about their existence. The possibility is real and our vampire repellent pepper spray has been formulated to repel vampires by adding essence of garlic to the ingredients.  Not only does it repel vampires, it also repels humans and all the Renfield’s out there.

  • Surviving a Bear Attack.


    "Fatal black bear attacks on people are extremely rare. There are 700,000 to 900,000 black bears living in North America, and in recent years, they’ve killed an average of two people a year. And despite popular perception, most black bears that kill people aren’t mothers protecting their cubs, but adult males hunting in stealth. A 2011 study of bear deaths from 1900 to 2009 showed that male bears committed 92 percent of the attacks. More than 80 percent of those attacks were predatory—in other words, a bear trying to make a human into a meal. JOE AZOUGAR almost became one of these deaths when a 316-pound male black bear locked onto him as prey at his cabin in Ontario. This is his story."


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    Scary story to imagine. He needed our bear spray!  Thank god he survived.




  • Mom's hidden camera catches boyfriend taking nude photos of daughter, police say

    Time goes on and life gets crazier, don't let your loved ones be put at risk.

    " RAYTOWN, Mo. — A Missouri mother used a hidden camera to catch her boyfriend allegedly taking nude photos of the woman's 6-year-old daughter, police said. Joshua Bibby, 30, was charged with sexual abuse...


    Creeps like this are why we are in business! On account of the  camera this perpetrator was stopped. Don't let abuse dwell. Let what is in the dark come to light with our collection of hidden cameras. It's up to you to make the choice.  Remember; Your safety is our concern.


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