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Black Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray

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The Black Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray is pepper spray designed for women.

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Detailed Description

Pepper Shot Lipstick Style Pepper Spray for Women

Pepper repellents are often cited as some of the best self-defense weapons a woman can depend on – they are small, very effective, and easy to use. Keeping them small and disguised is a crucial step in maintaining their efficiency, which is why a lipstick style pepper spray would be a great option.

Defensive spray disguised as lipstick is a good way of maintaining an element of surprise. One perfect example is the Black Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray, a very potent pepper deterrent that looks like real lipstick. If an attacker would see you taking this out of your pocket, they would never suspect you were preparing to hit them with blinding repellent spray.

Pepper deterrents can blind, choke, and cause severe pain due to a high content of oleoresin capsicum or OC. It is the same OC found in peppers like habanero and jalapeño peppers, but defensive lipstick spray contain a higher concentration that makes it impossible to bear.

However, most criminals tend to yank weapons away and may even use them against you if they know you have plans of fighting back. If they know you have a weapon, they might get more violent towards you. So, a woman will want something that does not alarm them.

If someone is following you, just bring it out, pretend you are putting on some lipstick or fixing your makeup, and the moment they come close, you can turn around and spray them in the face.

With the Black Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray, you will have something that would never make a criminal panic into hurting you even more than planned. They might not even see it because of its size. All mini pepper sprays are good choices because you can hide them in your pocket or holster them to your waist.

This lipstick disguised deterrent for sale is also very easy to use. You will not need to undergo a military self-defense class to learn how to use lipstick pepper spray products like it. Just remove the cap the way you would for a real lipstick, aim, and then press down on the actuator. It is just like spraying with pesticide or air freshener, except this time the content can knock down a grown man in seconds.

Despite its size, this is still a very powerful and effective weapon. You get 10 one-second bursts (20 half-second bursts) in the ½ oz. bottle, and each burst can reach a maximum distance of 10 feet.

This ensures you can defend yourself from a distance and you will have more than one chance in case you miss or in case the attacker is not alone. There would be no point in having the Black Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray if you had only one chance to hit the target.

You can get this pepper spray lipstick in black, blue, red, lavander, silver, and pink. This allows you to choose the tube of lipstick that fits with the style of clothing you wear. It will also allow the lipstick repellent spray to blend in more easily.

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