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Black Mace® Pepper Baton

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The Black Mace® Pepper Batons provide low profiles, yet devastatingly effective aerosol protection against attack.

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Detailed Description

Black Mace® Pepper Baton for Family or Friends

Are you presently concerned about your personal safety when going out in public? Have you got a family member or friend about whom you are worried and whom you wish to assist in staying secure? In either instance, the Black Mace® Pepper Baton can help you out!

This fabulous little defense repellent has everything that you could ever want plus a lot more in a personal protection device. Most self-defense experts recommend taking a strategy to the subject that covers a number of different things.

To illustrate, you ought to walk in areas that have good lighting and make other appropriate choices relating to your location. Additionally, carrying a defense repellent and/or other protection items around to employ in the event that you happen to be attacked would be the distinction between a devastating situation and another where you avert the worst.

This black baton is wonderful since the color, shape, plus size are all very inconspicuous. It is going to hardly be noticed by anyone yet be effortless for you to grab should the need arise. The shape is a lot like that of the baton that is employed by cops, which will aid you to create the right mental link to it when you have it along with other items.

While you could allow it to hang out in the bottom of your bag with last season’s lipstick plus some old gum, it will never be handy like that.

Instead, you can leverage the attachment clip that accompanies the baton. This will let you swiftly and efficiently fasten it to your keys or hang it somewhere convenient, for example, near the entry way.

The Black Mace® Pepper Baton sprays at a terrific distance of five feet, which provides you with a good amount of space to make use of. There is no reason to be worried about waiting until the crook gets close enough to set their hands on your whole body or stuff!

Rather, it is possible to take charge of the circumstance and hold off as much as three crooks together at one time applying the one repellent unit that you’ve got if need be. You see, the cartridge within the unit contains four grams of top-quality pepper deterrent.

The maximum-strength liquid will offer approximately three seconds of usage. This supplies a great one-second blast into the face of the crook. Whether or not the Mace gets applied due to an attack or on account of practice, you can acquire refills for it.

Unlike some repellent sprays that you must toss inside the trash can after you are finished, this particular one can work time and time again. In reality, it truly is sensible to proceed to purchase some refills once you buy it. By doing so, you are ready should the time come.

In relation to protection, you ought to be confident that both you and your family plus friends are well taken care of nowadays. Carrying around a maximum-strength pepper deterrent is surely an affordable layer of defense that will assist to save you in an attack.

Purchase the Black Mace® Pepper Baton for yourself plus those whom you cherish, together with some refills!

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