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Black Leatherette Holster for RUNT Stun Gun

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Deluxe black leatherette holster for RUNT stun gun designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun.

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Detailed Description

Runt Stun Gun Phone Case Type Black Holster

If you already own a stun gun or are considering getting one, then you are likely aware of how this defensive weapon can help save your life from an attacker. However, for such a weapon to help for real, you need to be able to retrieve it the instant there is danger. You also need to be able to catch the miscreant by surprise, meaning you must be able to get your defensive weapon without alerting your attacker to it. One truly effective way of achieving both – that is, getting your stun gun quickly and doing so rather stealthily – is to use a deceptive-looking stun gun phone case sort of holster.

Because this type looks like an ordinary cell phone holster, a lawbreaker is unlikely to notice that you are carrying a stun gun. Not only is a Black Leatherette Holster for the RUNT Stun Gun a good fit for that exact weapon, it also makes it look as though all you have on your belt is a mobile phone and not a means of defending yourself.

Being an electroshock weapon, a stun gun can take down an attacker without causing permanent damage. Its main purpose is to incapacitate the culprit temporarily, long enough for you to get away and find help. However, before you can keep them superficially paralyzed for several minutes, you first need to get your stun gun out as quickly as you can. In such situations, seconds are precious.

Thus, you must consider ahead of time how to carry a stun gun and plan where on your person you are going to put it. While you have the option of placing it inside your bag, it would not precisely be easily accessible there when danger jumps from out of the shadows. You need to keep it where you can retrieve it fast, whether you are standing up, sitting down, walking or even pinned down.

A stun gun holster on your person is more useful for small stun guns than a stun gun carrying case. This black RUNT stun gun holster can hide your weapon effectively in plain sight. Apart from being better-looking than a regular nylon holster, it can be attached to your belt using its heavy-duty belt clip along with a ring so it is always within easy reach. Also, with its magnetic clasp, you can easily draw your stun gun at a moment’s notice without having to fumble for it.

You can, of course, select the stun gun and pepper spray case of your choice, but a black leatherette stun gun holster is generally a good option. For one, it can match any of green, purple, blue, pink, or black, which are the available colors of RUNT Stun Guns. For another, black can go with your jogging outfit, your office attire, or your casual clothes without clashing colors.

Once you have your holster, you must practice wearing it and retrieving your stun gun from it until the movement becomes familiar and instinctive. That way, should danger cross your path, you could defend yourself more effectively.

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