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Black Flag Insect Spray Diversion Safe

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Black Flag Insect Spray Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Black Flag Insect Spray Diversion Safe vs. Housebreakers

The beauty of a distraction safe is that you can store away vital belongings or maybe a bit of emergency cash in a thing that no person would ever suspect might be vital. One of the main samples of this is the Black Flag Insect Spray Diversion Safe.

The vast majority of regular options around for stowing items locked away are way too obvious, easily leading people directly to them. These include all of the traditional safes on the market. It's almost counter-intuitive when you think of it.

The latest and greatest in personal safes would be to conceal your important items away in what is apparently another common household item entirely. And then you could hide these common items in common household sites.

For example, they could be positioned in the kitchen cabinets, under the stairs, in bookcases, over the toilet sink, plus in corridor boxes. Outside of your dwelling, these distraction safes could be on you on the jogging pack, a museum, an airplane, or the beach.

Or they could be posted on your wallet, school locker, evening bag, pouch, or gym bag. Every one of these incorporates a separate top or bottom. You then have a furtive corner in there, which is distinct from the place where the actual article goes.

Within these safes, you may set down your rings plus bracelets, drawings, residence keys, personal knickknacks, a mobile phone, or documents. A little camouflaged safe could be with you in a ton of situations.

The Black Flag Insect Spray Diversion Safe itself works wonderfully on a number of different levels. To begin with, insect repellent spray is a fairly common item. It's not necessarily likely to draw any attention if tucked away in some corner of a cupboard, cabinet, or garage shelf.

On top of that, however, bug spray is something no one even wants to touch. After even one use, there's almost always a residue left on the can. With such poisonous contents, who even wishes to become involved?

Unlike can safes plus other distraction safes, traditional safes can be told and found right there and then. If truth be told, these are among the first belongings that housebreakers would go straight for in any domicile they would be looting.

They would make for your traditional safe, TV remote drawer, plus bedroom vanity, yet they would leave an insect spray alone. In reality, those housebreakers would probably never get anywhere near all of your household repellents plus detergents, for why would they even?

In that same manner, whether or not you have neighbors, workmates, or relatives who might be thieves of a certain sort, then they won’t be about to come and pick up your tiny yet valuable stuff in your residence.

Once in a can safe just like this one, your assets will be far from the clutches of violent persons including those who are your relatives or neighbors. Its interior dimensions are 3 3/4 inches x 1 1/2 inches.

By employing one or perhaps a few of the Black Flag Insect Spray Diversion Safe, you'll be making absolutely sure that nobody even comes in close proximity to your stash. 

Interior dimensions of safe 3 3/4" x 1 1/2"

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