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Bicycle Micro Lights

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These Bicycle Micro Lights are a safe and convenient way to illuminate your bike.

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Detailed Description

LED Steady & Flashing Micro Safety Lights for Bicycles

Safety lights for bicycles are your first line of defense against being run over by a motor vehicle when you are on the road. These Bicycle Micro Lights will literally save your life. If you do not already have lights that can make you and your bicycle more visible at night, then you are exposing yourself to greater risks than necessary when you are out biking in the dark.

A single light simply won’t do. You can’t just rely on a light on either the front or the back of your bike. In fact, you need lights not just for the front and the back but on every side of your bike. When you are on the road, motor vehicles of different shapes, sizes, and levels of driver awareness will be moving at different speeds on the same area that you are riding on. In the dark of night, this posts a significant and potentially lethal threat to the biker, the drivers of vehicles that pass near the biker, the passengers in the car, and even innocent bystanders.

This is because a bike and vehicle accident can start a chain reaction of accidents that won’t just involve the rider and the driver. This is why lights on both the front and back of your bike should be the bare minimum. What’s more ideal is to have lights on all sides so that you are visible from any direction. This is what small LED bicycle safety lights are for. The combination of their simple battery, rubber strap attachments, and range of LED visibility allows for varied installation on bikes of different sizes and general visibility from all sides.

It can be argued that these Bicycle Micro Lights are possibly the best bicycle safety lights available. Not only are they cheap, but their long-lasting LED lights have the capacity to last for up to 100,000 hours of use. Thanks to the product’s simple design (rubber strap and curved inner surface), you can attach it to your handlebars (front visibility), seat post (rear visibility), or the bike frame itself (visibility from the left and right side). The affordable price means that you won’t have to go broke just to ensure that you won’t be run over by any vehicles at night.

You can also switch these bike safety reflectors lights to two modes of lighting: steady and flashing. Flashing lights are more noticeable, but they can also interfere with your vision. It is best to use this mode for your side or rear lights. Steady lights are a little less noticeable than flashing ones but can also let you see the road better. As you can surmise, steady mode is best used for your front lights.

Switching between lighting modes is as easy as pushing a button, which means that you can switch between steady and flashing at a moment’s notice. In this way, you can even use these lights as a way of signaling your movements to other vehicles on the road, allowing them to better avoid you.

This safety light on bike needs 2 CR2032 Lithium Batteries, which are included with the purchase.

Requires 2 CR2032 Replaceable Lithium Batteries (included).

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