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Beer Can Diversion Safe

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The Beer Can Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Beer Can Portable Safe for Beach, Outdoor, Home Security

A big metal safe is fine if you are only intending on keeping valuables at home safe. What happens then if you need to keep your things safe while out on the beach or partying at an outdoor concert? The solution is to use a portable safe for beach or outdoor use like this beer can disguised safe.

One look at this Beer Can Diversion Safe and you would think it is a real can of Miller beer. Diversion safes like this might not have the unbreakable locks of a metal safe, but they have so many other advantages: they hide in plain sight, they are likely to be ignored, and they are portable.

With a diversion can safe like this, any thief would look at it and immediately dismiss it. They would never think to open it to look for cash, keys, or jewelry. Instead, they would focus on finding your wallet or a metal safe since those are the more common hiding spots for valuables. This is why diversion safes are perfect.

This particular beer can stash safe is designed to look like a real can of Miller beer, down to the labels and even how the texture of the can feels. It even has extra weight added to make it just as heavy as a full can that has not been opened. Otherwise, a thief might get suspicious about why an unopened can is so light.

The bottom side is where the hidden compartment can be opened. When screwed open, you will find the interiors measure 1 x 3 7/8 inches. This is big enough for you to hide rolls of cash, watches, jewelry, car keys, or keys to your hotel room, dorm, or home.

As mentioned, this is a perfect diversion safe for the beach since most people bring cans of beer when out tanning or swimming. Every time you need to leave your spot, you can just hide your cash in this can and then tuck it in with your stuff or beside real cans of beer to make it blend in even more.

However, it also works as a portable safe for dorm use, car use, and even for your home. If any thief were to break into your dorm or car, they would never suspect that all your valuables are inside it and instead would waste time checking your glove box, locker, or drawers.

If you are going to use this in your home or dorm, then you need to place it in areas where a beer can would look natural. This means placing it in a cupboard, the refrigerator – only if you are not hiding gadgets in the can safe – or in a box along with real cans of beer.

However, if you need to hide more valuables than this can hide or if the can is not enough, then you can avail of diversion safes disguised as other ordinary items like a wall clock, a can of shaving cream, a wall socket, or even as a diversion safe wine bottle. All of these help hide your important valuables in plain sight.

Interior Safe Dimensions: 1 x 3 7/8

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