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Be The BodyGuard DVD - Gregg Wooldridge

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Gregg Wooldridge is one of the nicest guys but he's known as one of the baddest cats walking the planet.

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Detailed Description

Be the BodyGuard - Gregg Wooldridge Self Defense Street Fighting DVD

The practical techniques that you will find in this self defense street fighting DVD have been field-tested for effectiveness. If you learn and execute these techniques properly, you won’t just survive criminal attackers, you will have very real chances at subduing them and getting them arrested for harassing you. The Be the BodyGuard DVD by Gregg Wooldridge will even teach you how to literally be a bodyguard – protecting someone other than yourself when you are cornered into potentially dangerous situations.

What is really awesome about instructional self-defense videos like this is that no one needs to be an expert before watching them and using them to train. If you want to know how to throw basic self defense moves video instruction is the way to go, which is not to say that you are not going to learn advanced techniques. In fact, these instructional fighting videos can teach you everything, from moving defensively to throwing incapacitating moves or blows – techniques that you can apply even when you are armed with pepper spray, a kubotan, a stick, or whatever close to medium range weapon’s available.

Whether you are interested in basic self defense, disarming moves against deadly weapons, throwing kicks, or general female street fighting videos that teach martial arts and self-defense require much less commitment than actual dojos or gyms. If you have a DVD player and lots of space at home, you basically control your own training schedule. If you want, you can even train with a bunch of other amateurs, as training with others can allow you to practice techniques on each other, allowing you all to better apply each lesson.

Practical training is one of the reasons why this DVD was created in the first place. Gregg Wooldridge is as dangerous as he is nice. Within his sociable exterior is a warrior who has gone through 11 years of serving as a cop. After that, he moved on to more private endeavors, as a professional bodyguard for not just corporate executives but also for famous musicians and performers. This means that his wealth of practical self-defense experience is a combination of threat neutralization and the protection of others. As you can surmise, it is a great and useful combination for self-defense on the streets.

This is also what makes this particular DVD an ideal choice for people with intentions to work in private security. For 4 hours and 6 minutes, Gregg will teach you about overwhelming larger opponents through the wise and efficient escalation of force and the use of psychology. Besides scaring bigger, tougher men, you will also learn how to keep yourself unscathed, especially when you need to stay unhurt because everyone else around you is panicking.

Also very interesting is the part of the DVD that describes the use of improvised weaponry, even in places where it seems at first that no weapons are in sight. The section that tackles advanced gun disarming techniques is bound to be useful in the direst situations.

It’s all based on Gregg’s practical experiences as a cop and bodyguard. He has had to use these same techniques in order to save himself and/or other people’s lives.

Run Time: 4 Hrs 6 Min

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