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Bathroom Cleaner Diversion Safe

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The Bathroom Cleaner Diversion Safe the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Why Would I Need a Bathroom Cleaner Diversion Safe?

One of the most frightening things about inheriting something valuable like a piece of expensive jewelry or another family heirloom is that you have to protect it to a great extent or it will be at risk of being stolen by a thief. One option is to keep it in a Bathroom Cleaner diversion safe, which will allow you to store your goods in a hidden location such as underneath a bathroom sink while still making sure that they are safe and sound.

Many people will store their goods in safety deposit boxes at banks, which is often a good decision because they are very secure and insured as well, but one issue is that you will not have access to the item at all times, and you will need to make a trip to that bank to get it – and that can be a trip that is surprisingly long.

Instead, take the option to protect them from local thieves by using a diversion safe, which is a normal-looking object that has been modified to contain a safe to store your valuables in a very discreet and hidden manner. This Bathroom Cleaner diversion safe has an interior with dimensions of 1 1/4 inches wide x 3 ¾ inches long. It can hide in plain sight with the other cleaning implements.


Interior Safe Dimensions: 1 1/4 x 3 3/4

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